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In November, Iraq Foundation (IF) conducted a meeting in Baghdad with the implementing partners attended by Ms. Rend Al Rahim, IF’s Executive Director, and heads of NGOs partners. The goal of the meeting was to discuss the project work plan, identify potential areas to reach out to the widows participants and identify potential economic experts to work in the five provinces.

Also in November, IF and partner NGOs in five provinces selected the economic experts in each province.

In December, IF and partner NGOs distributed 1750 posters and 2000 brochures in five provinces and interviewed 250 females head of household (FHH), who completed the vetting forms to determine the skills and the capacity of each candidate.

IF also reached out to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA). Ms. Rend Al Rahim, met with Mr. Nassar Al Rubaie, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, to discuss training opportunities for project beneficiaries.

IF’s partner, Ms. Ibtisam Al Shamry, was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG), Mr. Martin Kobler, for her hard work and dedication on the expert committee and in the selection of members of the High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq.

Selected Photos:

Last Update: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 

December 2012: Interviews Conducted with Women Affected by Violence, Case Management Training Held

This month, IF’s NGO partners conducted and document interviews in 5 selected provinces with women affected by political and gender-based violence: IDPs, widows, orphaned girls, wives of former combatants, and women who have suffered from gender-based abuse. The purpose of the interviews was to bring to the foreground the hardship that conflict, a weak rule of law and exclusion have inflicted on women and their families, and understand their needs and the measures necessary to integrate them and their families into society. IF will prepare a case studies report based on the stories of these women.

IF held the case management training was conducted for Partner NGOs on December 5 in Baghdad. Ms. Shahrazad Abbas Alabdali from Women Empowerment NGO in Erbil led the training. One representative from each NGO ( the interviewers) learnt the techniques on how to conduct an interview with GBV women, and how to manage their case files.

Photos of Interviews:

Hawaa NGO_ Diyala interviews 1 with victimized women

Hawaa NGO_ Diyala interviews 2

Women for Progress NGO_Baghdad 1

Women for Progress NGO_Baghdad 2

Bint Alrafidayn NGO_Babil 1

Bint Alrafidayn NGO_Babil 2

Photos of Case Management Training:

Last Update: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

IF launched the WIES project in October, 2012. During this month, IF identified and signed agreements with 4 NGO partners in Baghdad, Maysan, Diyala and Ninawa. IF and partner NGOs started the selection of economic development experts in each province. The economic expert will assess the various economic sectors in each province and skills/job requirements in these sectors for both semi-literate and literate women. This mapping will assist IF and its partner NGOs to identify  potential employers, job descriptions, and skills that respond best to the recurrent needs of the local market.

IF’s staff in Basra and the partner NGOs started to contact training centers to deliver the project’s training component. Also, contacts with microloan providers have already started. We are currently looking at training centers and have identified FHH to participate in the program.

Last Update: Monday, December 31, 2012