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Earlier today, IF’s Senior Manager of Operations, Dhefaf Al-Jarahi met with Annika Molin Hellgren, the Ambassador of Sweden in Iraq. The Head of Department for Middle East and North Africa at the Swedish Embassy in Iraq was also in attendance. The meeting discussed several items, primarily regarding women in Iraq, IDPs, returnees and how to stabilize the country after ISIS.


dhefaf.embassy of sweden


Iraq begins the campaign for Olympic gold this Thursday, August 4th 2016 at 12:00 PM EST against Denmark. They will then play host country Brazil on Sunday, August 7th 2016 at 9:00 PM EST for their second game, and will finish the group stages against South Africa on Wednesday, August 10th, 2016.

Younus+Mahmood+Ali+Adnan+Kadhim+Iran+v+Iraq+0wL9ssLMiwMlThe team will be led in part by defender, Ali Adnan Kadhim. Born in Baghdad in 1993, Kadhim (22) was made for soccer stardom. His father and uncle both played the sport professionally and his uncle, Ali Kadhim was seen as one of the best Iraqi soccer players the world has seen, constantly breaking records for club and country in the 60’s-80’s. Kadhim will try to follow his family’s footsteps as he joins the Iraqi team in Rio for the Olympics. Kadhim started his career at Baghdad FC playing left back, and has trained at Barcelona FC’s famous “La Masia” youth academy. At the age of 20 he moved from Baghdad to Turkey, following interests from big teams such as Sevilla, Arsenal, Chelsea and A.S. Roma. At the start of the 2015-2016 season Kadhim moved to Italy to play with Udinese Calcio. Since the start of the season Kadhim has made 28 appearances for the team and scored once against defending champions Juventus.

How to Watch

For those wanting to watch the tournament, NBC has exclusive rights to the broadcasting of the Olympics and will be televised on NBC, NBCSN or any NBC affiliated channel. All games and events will be streamed on their website, For those in the Middle East wanting to watch the tournament,  ASBU has the exclusive rights to the games.

Other Iraqi Athletes

Salwan Jasim Abbood Abbood – Weightlifting

Abdulridha Waheed – Boxing (Will carry the flag during the opening ceremony)

Hussein Al Aameri – Judo

Mohammed Al Khafaji – Rowing

IF Board Member Azzam Alwash recently published a report for the Wilson Center detailing solutions for the possible failure of the Mosul Dam. The full report titled, “The Mosul Dam: Turning a Potential Disaster into a Win-Win Situation”, can be found here:

As part of Activity 7 in Al-Rasid, PTFs held 13 community meetings  to set priorities on GBV and the inclusion of women in peace-making initiatives,. Participants focused on issues included in the NAP. These meetings were attended by 469 community members including 243 men and 226 women.


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During this reporting period, the Iraq Foundation, in cooperation with the Provincial Task Forces, (PTFs) continued their advocacy efforts promoting  the NAP. 11 events were hold voluntarily beyond the approved budget resulted in increasing PTF membership to 512  to in the five provinces. 1 2 3 4

As part of carrying out Activity 6 of al-RASID, which encompasses monthly meetings with local officials and stakeholders to implement the NAP, PTFs reached out to 212 participants including 78 women and 133 men. Additionally, PTF reached out to provincial officials and local decision makers for consultation and advocacy in order to evolve policies and mechanisms for implementing the NAP in light of local needs and conditions. A total of five meetings were held in the provinces.

PTFs  in the five provinces have conducted a  total of  15 meetings throughout the life of the project, two in Erbil, four in Babil, two in Baghdad, four in Basrah and three in Ninawa . 402 government officials have participated in these meetings.

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Activity 3: Create National Task Force (NTF) and build capacity in necessary skills to draft the final report


On August 17th &18th, IF held the second workshop in the PTF capacity building series which focused on data collection. This workshop was conducted in collaboration with academics and field experts including Dr. Ghaith Al-Janabi and Ms. Siham Abdulhameed –  Head of the Central Statistical Organization in the Ministry of Planning. During this workshop, 38 PTFs analyzed data collected previously on how women in Iraq are  contributing to peace processes and what areas they could move into to further these efforts. Part of the first day was devoted to reviewing the data collected by the NGO researchers, how they collected the data, and how they presented it. A standardized unified format for the work plan was developed based on the questions which were asked. The unified format organizes and presents in this information in a clear and unified manner.

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IF is pleased to announce the participation of President Rend al-Rahim in the UN Leaders’ Summit for Countering ISIL and Violent Extremism. The event highlights the cooperation of the US led coalition to defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria. The event was headlined by President Obama and Prime Minister Abadi of Iraq.


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During February 2015 the five partner NGOs in Al-RASID provided 5 trainings for 344 stakeholders in the five provinces distributed as as follows: Erbil 86 (23 female and 73 male), Ninwa plain 60 (26 female and 34 male), Baghdad 41 (10 female and 41 male), Babil 93 (35 female and 58 male) and Basrah 65(31 female and 34 male).The participants represented women’s advocacy organizations, service providers, local community leaders and members of the judiciary and local law enforcement units.


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One the 29th of March, 2015 the Iraqi Council of Representatives presented IF with an award recognizing its role in organizing a meeting of NGOs in the parliament during November 2014. IF would like to thank our Manager of Operations Dhefaf Al-Jarahi for her role in representing IF during the planning for the NGOs meeting and at the award ceremony.

Dhefaf & Mr. Sabah Al-Karboli

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Dhefaf - Dr. Sami - Dr. Saad