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Bashqa, Mosul:

EIWT 1st cycle graduation ceremony in Bashi’qa, Mosul it was executed in cooperation with Eizidys Solidarity Correlation at their headquarters on May 21st. The graduation was attended by:

  •  Mohammad Jamsheed, COR member.
  •  Kamal Karis, Ninawa Provincial council member.
  •  Head and the president of Bashiqa council
  •  PUK representative
  •  PRT Ninawa representative
  •  Religious and tribal figures

And was widely covered by local and national media.

Graduation Press Clippings – Cycle 1: April and May 2011

تخرج الارامل اييبا 21-5

وكالة المرصد خبر احتفالية تخرج الارامل 21-5

مجلة زهرة نيسان حفلة تخرج الارامل 22-5


Baghdad Karkh Center:

تخرج الارامل اييبا 21-5

احتفالية الارامل.. اور

وكالة المرصد خبر احتفالية تخرج الارامل 21-5

Basashiqa Mosul:

مجلة زهرة نيسان حفلة تخرج الارامل 22-5

As part of our on-going efforts to assist Iraqi widows, IF is pleased to announce that life skills, health care, and civic education training in all seven training centers located throughout Iraq is proceeding according to schedule. In addition, it gives us great pleasure to announce that the vocational training component of the Empowering Iraqi widows to Thrive (EIWT) project has been expanded in select training locations due to unprecedented demand and community support!  Vocational training, which aimed to target 10 widows per training cycle in each of the seven training centers located in Baghdad, Basra, Maysan, Dhi Qar, and Mosul, will now be delivered to 200 widows.  Vocational training courses in the following topics are being offered during the first training cycle computer skills, hairdressing, childcare, first aid, food manufacturing, and traditional sewing based on the local need in the community and the widows aspirations.

Selected Photos:

Democracy and Civic Education Training in Baghdad’s Al-Karkh Training Center

Life Skills Educational Training at the Al Hwair Training Center, Madaina, Basra

Educational Training At Abu Al Khaseeb, Basra

Daycare for the widow’s children at the Karkh Center, Baghdad

Educational training in Bashiqa

Participants Filling Evaluation Forms at the Al Karkh Training Center, Baghdad

Health Related Topic training at the Abu Al Khaseeb Training Center

Health Related Topic training at the Al Hwair Center, Madina, Basra

Life Skills training at the Al HwairCenter, Mdaina, Basra

One-to-One Mentoring at the Abu Al Khaseeb Center, Basra

Problem solving working group

IF is pleased to report that we have opened daycare services during our widows empowerment training in Baghdad!  Several widows expressed a need for childcare in order to attend IF trainings.  IF has responded by opening up a daycare center during the Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive (EIWT) educational and vocational trainings.  IF’s daycare program is offered to project participants.

Selected Photos:

Daycare for widow’s Children in Maysan

Daycare for the widow’s children at the Karkh Center, Baghdad

In late January, IF launched the first training cycle in five out of the seven training centers located throughout Iraq! The training program is the backbone of the Empowering Widows to Thrive (EIWT) project. During each training cycle IF will train 40 widows in each training center on a set of life changing skills, which will increase their participation in public life, improve their health, family well-being, interpersonal relations, and coping capabilities, as well as empower them to participate effectively in the Iraqi economy! On January 29, 2011 classes began in Chibaish, located in the Dhi-Qar province, Abu alkhaseeb, located in the Basra province, as well as Maysan. Training began in the Baghdad province in the Karakh location on January 30th and the Rasafa location on the 31st. In early February, cycle one training will begin in Mosel and Mdaina training centers.

Selected Photos:

Resafa training center in Baghdad

Resafa training center in Baghdad

Karakh training center in Baghdad

Karakh training center in Baghdad

Selected photos:


Karakh Center – November 2010

IF visit to the new PRT training center in Maysan on the November 28 2010.

IF visit to Iraqi Nature NGO- Dhi Qar-Chibaish on December 5th 2010.

If Visit to Azidi Solidarity and Fraternity Organization on Dec 7th 2010.

IF meets with the Life skills curriculum writing committee on the December 6th 2010.

Dec 14th IF project ass. Visited Visited the Breast Cancer Council in the MoH


Oct 19th Madina Hywer Sports and Youth center visit in Basra.



Oct 20th Visit to Iraqi Women Association in Maysan

Meeting widows in Maysan on the November 21, 2010

Governor of Basra’s Official Approval Letter to Use the Central Library in Abualkhaseeb as Training Center

Directorate General Official Approval to Use Vocational Schools in Karakh and Rasafa