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On October 5, 2010 IF hosted a networking and development meeting for the 15 Iraqi Women Parliamentarians (IWPs) who are participating in IF’s Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP).  Meeting at the  Al-Alwiyah Social Club in Baghdad to strengthen skills as leading legislators and community leaders, the 15 participants discussed two main topics: Parliament committees’ work and how to choose the right committee; and the importance of setting up a parliamentary office. The meeting was chaired by former MP Dr. Amira Al-Baldawi and three re-elected parliamentarians and a former parliamentarian’s head of office were invited to the meeting and shared their experiences with the new IWPs.

Due to the blast that occurred on a road that leads to the meeting venue, many IWPs were not able to make it to the meeting. IF sent the minutes to those who were not able to attend.


The first IWPs Meeting-Empowering incoming women parliamentarians –PEDP:  Oct. 5, 2010

Alaa’a Al-Sadoun-Former PM-(IWPs meeting)

Samira Al-Musawi-Former PM (IWPs meeting)

Safiya Al-Suhail-Former PM (IWPs Meeting)

Nada Al-Jubouri-Former PM – (IWPs meeting)

From July 18-22, 2010, IF successfully held the first Iraqi Women Parliamentarians’ (IWP) workshop in Beirut-Lebanon. The workshop included 19 Iraqi women parliamentarians (15 newly elected, 3 re-elected and one former parliamentarian) coming from various provinces and representing almost all political parties. Trainers/speakers included Moroccan and Lebanese Parliamentarians as well as regional and international experts.

Topics covered included:

1. Approaches to conflict resolution, consensus building, and negotiation
2. Public speaking and leadership
3. Research and administration
4. Committee operation
5. Constituents relations
6. Oversight of the executive branch agencies
7. Policy analysis

Participants were extremely pleased with the workshop and the material covered. They were also particularly happy that IF gave them the opportunity to meet each other abroad and start building alliances based on common interests regardless of their party affiliation. 

The level of interaction was very high and the quality and number of questions reflected a strong grasp of the material, an ability to relate the material to real life issues, and a keen interest to develop personal skills.

Al-Mada Newspaper

Al-Sabah Newspaper


Resource CD

During November and December 2013, Ms. Murouj Emad, participant in the Youth Civic Camps of 2013, led a group of youth in a charity campaign in Kirkuk to help young students and the poor.  Many people donated money to help.  Ms. Emad and her youth group donated winter clothes including raincoats to about 60 students in “July Elementary School”, which is located in a poor neighborhood in Kirkuk City.  Another group of youth from Kerbala performed the same initative during December and donated winter clothes to elementary school students in Al-Nasir District-Karbala City and in Najaf City.


Ms. Murouj Emad distributing winter cloths to elementary school students in Kirkuk

Elementary school students in Najaf City, recipients of winter clothes

Pictures of Democratia Web training for university professors at AUIS
July 5-7, 2013

Pictures of volunteering activities youth-participants in YCC-July 2013

Several participants of the Youth Civic Camps of 2012 and 2013 have conducted volunteering activities.

ورشة الاقليات- مسارات

Three youth-participants in the Youth Civic Camps of 2013, participated in the ToT training workshop for youth about minorities organized by Msarat Organization on September 18 – 22, 2013.

مروج زراعة الشتلات

During the month of September, Ms. Murouge Emad Zangana, one the participants in the Youth Civic Camps of 2013 planted tree-seedlings in Babil Province.


On September 29, 2013, Ms. Noor Amer, student participant in the Youth Civic Camps of 2013, directed a special art gallery for orphans in Najaf Province.  The Art gallery was held in Madenat Alsalam Park in Najaf Province.

On August 13, 2013, Ms. Murouge Emad Zangana, one the participants in the Youth Civic Camps of 2013 presented gifts to children through the Red Crescent in Kirkuk.

On August 16 and 17, Ms. Noor Amer, one of the youth participants in the Youth Civic Camps of 2013, have conducted an activity of dialogue aiming to raise awareness about the lifestyles inside and outside Najaf City, trying to solve problems in Najaf city, through utilizing solutions used in other provinces.

On July 2, 2013 the Iraq Foundation (IF) launched the 4th Youth Civic Camps of summer 2013 at the American University of Iraq – Sulaimaniya (AUIS).  The Civic Camps lasted for 3 days, with 50 female and male university students participant.  These participants were from different Iraqi provinces and universities.

The goal of this Civic Camp is to develop the education of the youth participants on the democracy processes, civic awareness, and methods of peaceful solutions for disputes.

Read the full press release in English and Arabic here.

Photos of Youth Civics Camps – PEDP – 2013



DEADLINE: May 15, 2013

IF is launching its fourth year of “Youth Civics Camp” in partnership with the American University of Iraq in Suleimaniyya (AUI/S)! IF is preparing for Youth Civics Camp 2013. IF is looking for 50 Iraqi students from across Iraq’s 18 provinces to participate in the camps scheduled to run from June 30 until July 4 2013.

During the Youth Civics Camp, students will train on civic education, including the ‘eDemocracy’ curriculum newly developed by the Iraq Foundation and Freedom House for use at the high school and undergraduate levels. Special modules in the curriculum will deal with the Iraqi constitution, the Iraqi state, film editing, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens under the constitution.

Youth will learn valuable leadership skills and become familiar with primary characteristics of liberal democracies and how their civic duties play a central part in maintaining the country’s peace and freedom. The training will also address youth’s role in developing an ethos of reconciliation, community based conflict resolution and cross-sectarian cooperation. The students also will gain knowledge about civic action via the internet, including how to better use blogs, Twitter and Facebook, and how to get out their messages and widen their networks among other civic minded youth.

Arabic Announcement

2013 Youth Civics Camp Application

2013 Youth Civics Camp Recommendation Letter

On January 25, 2013, the Iraq Foundation (IF) held a drawing exhibition in the yard of the Baghdad Provincial Council’s “Cultural Forum Building”, located in the famous Al-Mutanabi Street. The 18 portraits were a product of Al-Rafidain Colors Art Gallery.

The topics of these portraits aimed at raising national awareness, highlighting national identity regardless of affiliations, and creating a spirit of communication among university student, while emphasizing group work among painters.

Many people visited the exhibition that took place from 08:30AM to 01:00PM.  The event was covered by multiple television channels including Al-Iraqia, Al-Rasheed, Al-Masar-1, and Al-Najaf TV.  They conducted interviews with multiple IF-Staff and visitors.  Artist Mr. Jamal Al-Tayeb, interviewed by two channels stated:” This is a very distinguished art exhibition because it addresses people in a simple and expressive art language.”

Also in January, IF broadcasted a short video on the theme of overcoming sectarianism on Al-Iraqia Satellite Channel. “Al-Khaima” (The Tent) by Mr. Ali Al-Ka’bi from Al-Muthana province and student participant in IF’s Interfaith Cooperation Project produced the video as part of a competition on peaceful coexistence.

Al Khaima Video

Selected Pictures:

Art Exhibition



Small Grants – PEDP, November-December 2012S

On November 2 2012, the Women Mediation in Iraqi Society Project was concluded. The grant project was implemented by Ms. Iman Mizher from Baghdad. Ms. Mizher held nine awareness sessions for women, on conflict resolution and mediation skills. The project aims at promoting conflict resolution and giving women a bigger role in peace promotion.

On November 26-28, the 1st Art exhibition was held part of the Al-Rafudain Colors Art Exhibition Project at the Al-Mustansirya University, College of Administration and Economics in Baghdad. It was the first of two art exhibitions of 18 portraits, painted by 9 painters. Implemented by Mr. Ahmed Hassan Dakhil, this project aims at raising national awareness among university students, highlighting national identity regardless of affiliations, creating a spirit of communication, and emphasizing cooperation among painters.

The 2nd Art exhibition was held at Baghdad University’s Media College, on November 29, and December 2 and 3.

On December 25, 2012, IF exhibited 18 portraits, product of Al-Rafidain Colors Project of small grants projects-cycle 4, at The Institute of Fine Arts for Girls in Baghdad.

On December 27, 2012, IF participated in the Second Feminist Art Festival held in Baghdad, through exhibiting 4 portraits.

Short Video Competition

On November 28 and 29, IF broadcasted the 2 best youth-produced short videos on Al-Fayhaa TV: Al-Khaima (the Tent) by Mr. Ali Al-Ka’bi, student participant completed Interfaith Cooperation Project, and Awdat Watan (The Return of the Homeland) by Mr. Ahmed Imad, Mr. Tariq Sadiq, and Ms. Ban Sadiq, student participants in the Youth Civic Camps of 2012.  The students are from Baghdad Province.

Selected Pictures:

Women Mediation in Iraqi Society Project

Oct. 13: 2nd session: Aswar Baghdad Org, 14 women participants

3 (2)
Oct. 15: 3rd session: Amnat Al-Sadr High school for girls-Sadr City-Baghdad, 23 women participants

Oct. 22: 4th session: Alfathael High school for girls-Alrashad area-Baghdad, 35 women participants

صور الرام 095
Oct. 22: 5th session: Aba Al-Ahrar Org.-Alobaidi area-Baghdad, 16 women participants

Al-Rafidain Colors Art Gallery Project 
From November 26 to 28, the grantee held his 1st Art Gallery at the College of Administration and Economics, Al-Mustansirya University in Baghdad 
1 (4)

1 (9)

1 (12)

1 (38)

1 (84)

1 (99)

On November 29, and December 2 to 3, the grantee held his 2nd Art Gallery at the Media College, Baghdad University.

1 (146)

1 (167)

1 (171)

33 (75)

Al-Rafidain Colors Art Gallery Project 
18 Portraits exhibited in Al-Mustansirya University and Baghdad University 














Brochure of Al-Rafidain Colors Art Gallery-Small Grants-Cycle 4
Face of the brochure:

Back of the brochure:

On December 25, 2012, IF exhibited 18 portraits, product of Al-Rafidain Colors Project of small grants projects-cycle 4, at The Institute of Fine Arts for Girls in Baghdad.





On December 27, 2012, IF participated in the Second Feminist Art Festival held in Baghdad, through exhibiting 4 portraits of Al-Rafidain Colors Project/ from SG Projects, cycle