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IF conducted the periodic quarterly meeting for TABEIR project at IF Baghdad Headquarters in Karada on Saturday, May 31st. The participants discussed the implementation of an in-country training by the partner NGOs, finalized the training agenda, provided the NGOs with a finalized training manual. The meeting also discussed the materials and violations which will be included in the periodical publication which will be issued by the Iraq Foundation




IF conducted its third periodical meeting for TABEIR at its headquarters in Baghdad on Monday, September 15th. IF President Rend Al-Raheem headed this meeting of 7 project managers representing the provinces of Baghdad, Babil, Missan, Basrah, Diyala, and Kut. Together, they reviewed the implementation of an in-country training by partner NGOs, and reviewed the difficulties in implementing project work plans. This resulted in a series of recommendations to overcome future challenges and suggestions for further topics for coming trainings.

ICT exert Hassan Qasim also provided training on the use of the TABEIR website and database. In addition, he explained the procedure for uploading secure reports to the website. Finally, participants focused on improving the participation of the project’s trainees and partner NGOs in reporting violations using the material to be included in the periodic reports issued by IF.







Iraq Foundation’s partner NGOs successfully implemented 11 trainings during the months of  August in the provinces of Baghdad, Kut, Missan, Babil, Erbil,Diyala and Basrah. The NGOs utilized training centers in their regions and offered training courses to NGOs, local journalists, and citizen journalists. By the end of August, the total number of beneficiaries had climbed to 277 citizen journalists and NGO members across Iraq. The total number of beneficiaries since the start of the project is 674.

These courses were offered by the partner NGOs free of charge, but all participants completed an application and went through a vetting process to ensure that those who are trained will use the training for the protection of FOE.

The in-country training aimed at utilizing new media and technology as a fundamental tool in changing the way the media works and how information is obtained and produced.

The training focused on technological tools; use of social media for impact; and improved visual narratives timely and effective use of advanced media tools for documentation, including use of digital equipment, mobiles phones,  messaging, and location-aware services; 2) internationally accepted standards of documentation; 3) visual story-telling techniques; 4) use of social media for information dissemination and reporting, including twitter; 5) secure reporting tools and techniques; 6) combining documentation and ICT techniques for effective advocacy for FOE.








IF, in cooperation with its WIES program partner Al-Firdaws, held a charitable networking market on August 14, 2014, at Basra Central Library. The event sought to link 15 WIES beneficiaries with networking opportunities to expand their businesses and markets and sell their products.

The event was attended by Basra provincial council members, civil society representatives, and representatives from private sector businesses. The event was also attended by local and national media, and the beneficiaries had the chance to talk about their experience with IF and the WIES initiative.

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As part of the Hewar project funded by the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), IF in with Strategic Communication Consultancy (S2C) successfully concluded the “Second Media Follow up Workshop” for the High Judicial Council (HJC) in Beirut, Lebanon for the period August 24 – 28, 2014. The workshop was attended by high-level members of the HJC headed by Chief Justice His Excellency Judge Medhat al Mahmood.

The workshop focused on how communication can help the HJC accomplish its mission. The workshop also gathered participants’ feedback and garnered consensus surrounding the Communication Strategy & Outreach Plan developed in the “Communication Strategy Workshop” held in Sulaimaniyah in January 2014 and the “First Media Follow-up Workshop” held in May 2014 in Beirut. To this end, participants heard presentations and case studies coupled with highly interactive discussions which have led to a full endorsement of the objectives and content of HJC’s future Communication Strategy & Outreach Communication Plan.

The workshop also tackled media related topics, such as conveying concise and strong messages, crisis communication & media relations and social media networks.

Chief Justice, Judge Medhat Al-Mahmoud presented a speech praising HEWAR’s efforts in raising the citizens awareness with their legal rights.

workshop2 workshop3 workshop4 workshop5 workshop6 workshop7 workshop8 workshop9 workshop10 workshop11 workshop12 workshop13 workshop14 workshop15 workshop16 workshop1

As part of the Hewar project supported by INL, IF concluded its workshop in Beirut on August 28, 2014. We were honored to have present with us the Head of the Judiciary Branch (High Judiciary Council) His Excellency, Judge Medhet al Mahmoud, and a delegation of senior judges.


Iraq Foundation Implementing partner NGOs successfully implemented 9 training courses during the months of June and July in the provinces of Baghdad, Kut, Missan, Babil, Erbil and Basrah. The NGOs utilized training centers in their regions and offered training courses to NGOs, local journalists and citizen journalists. The total beneficiaries until the end of July is 244( 183 in June and 61 in July) citizen journalists and NGO members across Iraq. These courses were offered by the partner NGOs free of charge, but all participants filled an application and went through a vetting process to ensure that those who are trained will use the training for the protection of FOE.





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Update for April, May and June

The Iraq Foundation (IF) is pleased to report that 37 WIES beneficiaries were linked to grants/ loans including: 9 WIES beneficiaries received ID100, 000 each in Nineveh, 3 WIES beneficiaries received ID 1 million no interest loan each from Mr. Zahran Nasir Al Batat in Maysan, 2 WIES beneficiaries received $100 each in Daiyala and 23 WIES beneficiaries received ID 5,000,000 donation that was made by Mr. Thair Abdulzahra, businessman and owner of Time Square shopping center. The beneficiaries received either ID200, 000 or toolkits at equal or higher monetary value.

40 FHH accepted job offers contributing to a total of 137 job placements to date. Furthermore, 88 new employment opportunities were identified contributing to a total of 303 opportunities identified to date.

3 WIES beneficiaries were placed in the apprenticeship program. 57 WIES beneficiaries concluded the marketing strategies training.

WIES grantees


Shaymaa Yas, WIES grantee, a widow and a mother of three kids, benefited from the different development programs that WIES offered and started her first business. Shaymaa is making $30/ day.


Suaad Mohamad, WIES grantee, a widow and a mother of two, started her first business selling dresses and cosmetics. She started her book keeping to record her revenues as a result of the project management training which was offered by the project.


2WEIS52WEIS5 Batoul Nasief, WIES grantee, a mother of five, started her first business tailoring for the neighborhood and selling detergents. She is making $80/day.

WIES Employment


Three WIES beneficiaries sign their employment contract in a local hairdressing saloon


WIES beneficiaries started their first job in Mosul

Networking opportunities





WIES beneficiaries participating in a networking event to market their products in Baghdad



WIES beneficiaries participated in a religious event conducted by the district council in Risala-Baghdad. FHH had the chance to market their products and establish contacts with potential customers.

Distribution of WIES grants in Basra

Marketing strategy training





The Iraq Foundation is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a five-day workshop held in Lebanon as part of its HEWAR program. The conference was attended by members of the media and press relations arm of the Federal Judicial Authority. Under the supervision of the official spokesperson of the Court, Judge Abdul Sattar al-Bayrakdar, participants focused on ways to enhance their transparency and outreach goals. A correspondent from the Council’s Media Center said that the conference resulted in the creation of a theoretical framework outlining a new communications strategy for the High Judicial Council. Held in ccllaboration with the Lebanese Strategic Communications Consultancy, the workshop lasted from May 24 to May 28. To read more in Arabic, visit Iraqia’s press release. To learn more about HEWAR, please visit our project page.

.HEWAR-First Media Follow-Up WS-May 24-28-2014 Hewar One Hewar Two

The Communication Strategy Workshop for HJC Staff and the 2 experts on HEWAR Project: High Crest Hotel in Sulaimaniya from January 17 – 22, 2014

The 1st Stakeholders meeting for the at the Judicial DevelopmentInstitute (JDL)-BaghdadMarch 25 – 26, 2014