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Prior to watching the play, the children were asked to free draw. This is a selection of their drawings:


After small grants activities, students drew more positive images. Samples below: 


























Success Stories:

Several participants from IF’s 2010 Youth Civics Camp took part in an interview series. Listen to the youth express their views on the camp in developing their democracy understanding and how to communicate with each other as well as to be active in building up friendships with their colleagues whom they met during the trainings.

Brief Summary of the interviews:

  1. Ms. Dthura Mohammed Hassan (B.S.C in Biology-Babil University):  “Through 5 days of training, I saw something which is beyond description, where I participated in previous training courses, but didn’t witness such high level of training.  After I return back, I will do workshops, committees, and forums in my University or in any other place and will try to add to what I’ve learned, because the training taught me how to be a brave and leader”.
    Listen to the Interview (MP3 Download)
  2.  Ms. Samareh Haleem (B. S. C in Law – School of Law – Baghdad):”I learnt the achievement and embodiment of democracy within the Iraqi people.  May be there are different views, but we as participants have achieved integration, rapprochement, and understood each other”.
    Listen to the Interview (MP3 Download)
  3.  Ms. Seran Ibrahim (Student in the American University in Sulaimaniya – KRG): “One of the main important things I learnt in this training workshop is how to listen to others, and how to be patient.  I met other new colleagues from other places of Iraq.  We became friends and I miss them.  This is something new which I gained through the workshop”.
    Listen to the Interview (MP3 Download)
  4.   Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud Abbass (Physical Education College – Maysan University – Head of Iraq Youth Association):  “We learnt new topics that weren’t in our minds at all, and now the Iraq Foundation touched these topics, which we greatly benefitted from and increased our poor knowledge as well.  We wish to see these training coursed repeated again, and broaden the support of democracy”.
    Listen to the Interview (MP3 Download)
  5.  Mr. Sadik Taher Amen (B. S. C in English Language – Al-Najaf):”  We participated in this training mainly to learn about supporting democracy.  We hear about it, and maybe we practice it without knowing that this is democracy.  Maybe we are practicing this incorrectly.  I came here to learn.  The teachers were very professional and humbled.  We are willing to practice democracy and teach others on that.  We encourage others to visit the Iraq Foundation and learn about its experiences, and participate in coming workshops”.
    Listen to the Interview (MP3 Download)
  6.  Mr. Laith Maher Abdullah (Engineering College – IT – Ninawa): “I got great benefit from the training in many aspects, like youth leadership, administration, democracy, the Constitution, and participation in elections.  The training was focused.  The trainers were very professional and precise in their presentation and analyses.  I am willing to practice what I learnt on the society”.
    Listen to the Interview (MP3 Download)
  7.  Mr. Muhanad Sa’adoun (IT-Engineering – Maysan University): “The training offered us a chance to learn about what is democracy, advocacy.  This was a chance for us to practice these concepts.  We learnt how to make from ourselves future leaders for leading the new Iraq.  Iraq is on the verge of a new transitional period, where youth will be the leaders and will govern to build good future for our children and youth”.
    Listen to the Interview (MP3 Download)


As part of IF’s Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP), IF aims to bolster Iraqi youth’s understanding of civic and democratic processes, and their leadership across sectarian lines to resolve community and national level disputes peacefully. To help achieve this goal, IF is sponsoring a video competition on overcoming sectarianism. The deadline to apply for the competition is January 15, 2011.

Youth Video Competition Deadline Extended!

Updated RFA Video Competition

Youth interested in leading grassroots civic initiatives apply for small grants from the Iraq Foundation to bring to life their visions for community action.  Grants will be provided in two annual cycles, following each summer Youth Civics Camp. Request for small grants applications will limit project ideas to the area of national reconciliation, conflict resolution and cross-sectarian, cross-ethnic, cross-province cooperation.  Illustrative examples of projects include: environmental protection and neighborhood clean up campaigns led by a cross-sectarian group of community youth; big brother/big sister mentoring programs across sectarian divisions; youth led community food banks; theatre groups, magazines, youth clubs, tutoring groups, child care centers, hiking clubs, etc that transcend sectarian division and promote values of national unity, peace and volunteerism.

RFP-Application form-Arabic




Dear/ program manager and lecturers

I send this letter as a student who participated in the second group of training. I was honored that I had the chance to join the training. By joining this training, it made me to have more affection toward other Iraqi cities. As a stateless Kurd, the wounded Iraq is my destiny, a country where greets you every morning with the news of death of many people, during the day noticing a lot of homeless and orphan children on the streets and public places, and at night seeing the tears of a lot of mothers and widows. All of these are due to sectarian, ethnic and religion conflicts.

The question is, I don’t know why all of these terrible things are happening, why we hate each other. We all have forgotten that it is in human being’s nature that Human beings can live together with love. The former regime of Saddam Hussein has taught Iraqis for 30 years how to hate each other and killing each other. We as young student, we should teach our society how to live together with love.

Before, as a citizen of Iraqi federal region “Kurdistan Region” the situations of other parts of Iraq always saddened me, I was very miserable to see everyday a lot of Iraqi people are getting killed. But now I am more depressing since now I have dear friends in Mosul, Kirkuk, Babel, Baghdad, Najaf, Ammar and in all other Iraqi provinces.

I would like to express my point of views and gratitude to all the persons who worked hard during the five days training.

First, the project manager, Mr. Fuad Flayyeh, he is a smooth person in the term of dealing with us, and a very good decision maker.

Second, Dr. Ahmed Hallaq, a lecturer at the training, who I admired him a lot; Dr. Hallaq was a very kind and confident man. I as a student of college of law, I wish he would become my teacher in my university.

The third lecturer is Mr. Abdulsalam Madani, who I know him before. I don’t want to talk about him, but I would like to mention one of his secrets.

” Madani would like to show young people that they have enormous capability. He tells youths that if they use their energy, they can be the change in the world which they want.”

The fourth lecturer was Dr. Layla al-Ahzami, she was like a mother to us. She taught us how we should be responsible toward our country, and be responsible for anything we say in the daily life.

Another lecturer was Mr. Joe, who we met him the last days. He was a very social man and smart.

Mr. Hazim was like a hidden soldier during the training. We could not do anything without his help.

At the end I would like to thank my friends Rebaz and Rawa. They worked as interpreters in the training, they were always smiling and helpful, and they were beloved by everyone.

I miss you all and wish to see you all


Iraqi Youth Camp Participant

On July 14th, IF launched its first “Youth Civics Camp” in partnership with the American University of Iraq in Suleimaniyya (AUI/S). Four sessions of 25 students each (100 students total) from different Iraqi provinces will participate in the camps scheduled to run from July 14 to August 7th. The camps trained students on the ‘eDemocracy’ curriculum newly developed by the Iraq Foundation and Freedom House for use at the high school and undergraduate levels. Special modules in the curriculum will dealt with the Iraqi constitution, the Iraqi state, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens under the constitution.

Youth became familiar with primary characteristics of liberal democracies and how their civic duties play a central part in maintaining the country’s peace and freedom. The training also addressed youth’s role in developing an ethos of reconciliation, community based conflict resolution and cross-sectarian cooperation. The students also gained knowledge about civic action via the internet, including how to better use blogs, Twitter and Facebook, and how to get out their messages and widen their networks among other civic minded youth.

The camps also included a social evening and dinner for the camps’ participants and AUI/S students on the 1st day of each camp session as well as a moderated discussion group between camp participants and AUI/S students to talk about their experiences as students and the challenges they face.

As part of IF’s Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP), IF aims to bolster Iraqi youth’s understanding of civic and democratic processes, and their leadership across sectarian lines to resolve community and national level disputes peacefully. To achieve this goal, we are partnering with the American University of Iraq, Suleymanieh, to create an intensive 5-day youth camp for talented, civic minded students from universities throughout Iraq. In total, IF will train 100 students each year in four groups of 25. We are currently accepting applications for this exciting opportunity. If you or someone you know is interested, please follow the link below to apply.

Photos of PEDP Staff in Iraq – Meeting to Promote IF’s Youth Camp:

application form

recommendation letter


Recommendation letter- Kurdish 

In late November – early December, 2013 IF recorded 4 TV Programs at Al-Iraqia Satellite Channel.

These programs discussed the 4 chapters of each of the 2nd and 3rd Democratization in Iraq Reports:

The program on the Chapter of the Political Parties in Iraq:

The program on the Chapters of the Political Parties in Iraq was broadcasted on December 6.  The participants in this program were: Dr. Mowaffak al-Rubaie, former National Security Advisor in Iraq; and Dr. Ahmed Al-Ala’ak, Head of Law Department-Wasit University, Rapporteur of the Political Parties Chapter.  IF broadcasted this program again on December 25.

The Program on the chapter of the “CoR Performance:”

On December 8, Al-Iraqia Satellite Channel broadcasted the program on the chapter of the “CoR Performance”.  The participants were: 1 – Ms. Samiya Aziz Khisro, former Iraqi Woman MP/ Guest. 2- Dr. Fawziya Al-Attiya, Sociology Professor at Baghdad University/ Guest. 3- Mr. Mizher Al-Sa’edi, Head of Madarik Association/ Rapporteur-CoR performance Chapter. 4- Mr. Khadim Abdulzahra, Chief Editor of Madarik Magazine/ Civic leader-Group of the CoR performance Chapter.  IF broadcasted this program again on December 26.

The Program on the chapter of the “Freedom of Assembly and Peaceful Demonstration”

Al-Iraqia Satellite Channel broadcasted on December 9, the 3rd TV Program on the chapter of the “Freedom of Assembly and Peaceful Demonstration”.  Participants included: 1- Dr. Azhar Al-Shaikli, current woman MP in the CoR/ Guest, 2- Dr. Ali Al-Rufai’ee, former Dean of the Law School at Baghdad University/ Guest, 3- Mr. Jasim Al-Halfi, Civil activist/ Guest, and 4- Mr. Yasir Al-Salim, Member in the group of the “Freedom of Assembly and Peaceful Demonstration Chapter”/ Member in the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq.  IF broadcasted this program again on December 27.

The Program on the chapter of the “Freedom of Media”

On December 10, the Program on the chapter of the “Freedom of Media” was broadcasted.  The participants were: 1- Ms. Intisar Al-Jubouri, current woman MP in the CoR, 2- Mr. Zuhair Dhiyauldeen, Legal Expert, 3- Mr. Latif Al-Egaili, Researcher and journalist, and 4- Mr. Ibrahim Al-Sragey, Rapporteur-Media Chapter, The Iraq Journalist’s Right Defense Association.  IF broadcasted this program again on December 28.

On November 21, IF successfully held the press conference to launch the 2nd and 3rd Democratization in Iraq Reports.

75 participants attended the press conference, including: officials from the Cabinet, Ministry of Women Affairs, former MPs, academics, civil society activists, and the NGOs Coordination Committee for Iraq.  it was also attended by representatives from the U.S Embassy in Baghdad and the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad.

The event was televised and covered by 11 satellite channels, including: Al-Iraqia official Satellite TBChannel, Al-Hurra Iraq TV, Al-Hurriya, Al-Dyar Sat Channel, Biladi TV, Al-Iraq TV, Al-Ghadeer TV, Al-Eshraq TV, Al-Masar TV, Afak TV, and Dijla TV.  Three news agencies covered the press conference: Al-Mada News, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat News, and ABC News.













The 2nd consultative meeting of the civic leaders at IF-Baghdad Office