IF Celebrates International Women’s Day



Women in Iraq have long borne the brunt of violence, war and injustice that has plagued the country. Because of this appalling reality, Iraq Foundation works tirelessly to empower women and assert their role in Iraqi society. By providing women with the skills to strengthen their communities and rebuild from years of conflict, a new future can emerge based on the principles of equality and a shared prosperity for all Iraqis. Although some progress has been made, there is much work to be done to make women equal in the eyes of the law, and respected within the walls of their home.

Today, we celebrate the women around the world who have raised their voices to demand change, and bring attention to those who are unable to do so. This past year, the status quo that tolerated mistreatment and oppression has been shattered thanks to the many women who have stood tall and proven the power of a united voice. They have exposed the solemn truth experienced by women everywhere, and have brought light to the perpetrators who have sought to silence them.

IF supports all women who raise their voices to the world to create the change we all desperately need, and we will continue to strive for their right to do so.

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