Statement on International Women’s Day


March 8th is a day to honor the achievements and contributions to society by so many inspiring women. It is also to recognize the rampant inequality women undeniably encounter not just in Iraq but around the world. Despite our current capacity as a global society, structural oppression still restricts women from the most basic freedoms and permits unjust persecution in societies rooted in patriarchal norms of the past. While progress has been made for women’s participation as citizens and in government, recent social shifts have threatened these advancements and turned the clock backward on the status of women in society. Far too many women are still denied an education, and face high risks of domestic violence, child marriage, and female genital mutilation. As critical as it is to provide women with the tools they need to prosper, it is equally important as a community to work together to empower them to build a strong, safe, and prosperous society.

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