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Newsletter June 2008
Iraq Foundation Newsletter )
A Change in Perspective Activities for June 2008
In This Issue
  • IF in the Media
  • Women's Empowerment Project
  • IF Prepares Anti-Corruption Conference
  • Special Announcement:
    IF Supports Efforts to Help Iraqi Orphans
  • Dear Friends,

    In this issue, we would like to highlight some of the Iraq Foundation's (IF) recent accomplishments and activities. Working hard to promote IF's mission, Executive Director Rend Al-Rahim appeared on Aljazeera's "Min [From] Washington" program.

    We are pleased to announce that work has begun on the recently launched Women's Empowerment Project (WEP) and the Human Rights Advocacy Initiative Project (HRAI)!

    Work also continues on the Anti-Corruption and Transparency Project (ACT), which was renewed in May in recognition of our achievements.

    IF would also like to take a moment to highlight Ameen Mirjan, who is working with the Red Cross to raise awareness of the plight of Iraqi orphans as well as generate funds to help these struggling children. You can donate by visiting the Red Cross.

    As always, should you have any questions about our activities, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Joseph Sandor
    Communication Officer
    Iraq Foundation

    IF in the Media
    radio tower

    Executive Director Rend Al-Rahim appeared on the June 16th edition of Aljazeera's "Min [From] Washington" program to discuss the current situation in Iraq. Broadcast in Arabic, the program reaches more than 40 million views nation and world-wide and is hosted by Abderrahim Foukara, Bureau Chief of the Washington DC office.

    Women's Empowerment Project

    Since launching the Women's Empowerment Project (WEP) in May, IF staff in Iraq and Washington DC are working hard to design programs that will train disadvantaged Iraqi widows on a set of skills that will empower them politically and increase their economic independence. To date, IF staff has identified the widows who will participate in this program and is preparing for the first cycle of trainings.

    IF Prepares Anti-Corruption Conference

    In June, IF's Anti-Corruption and Transparency (ACT) team prepared for a July conference to honor winners of the 2008 Strategies to Combat Corruption and Transparency Promotion Research Competition, sponsored by the Iraq Foundation and the Committee for Public Integrity. During the conference, participants discuss their findings as well as recommendations to curb corruption.

    Special Announcement:
    IF Supports Efforts to Help Iraqi Orphans

    IF would like to take this opportunity to mention the hard work of individuals that show commitment and dedication to the children of Iraq. Since 2005, IF has worked hard to provide for orphaned and disabled children in Iraq. We are pleased to highlight the work of Ameen Mirjan, who is currently raising money with the Red Cross to support Iraqi Children. To raise awareness and generate donations, Mr. Mirjan is cycling 800 km in eight days, traveling between Mississauga and Toronto in Canada.

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