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February 2012 Activities, Issue 66       
Dear Friends,

IF is thrilled to share many the wonderful successes and accomplishments of February 2012!


The video documentaries, created by Iraqi youth as part of the Interfaith Cooperation Project (ICP), were edited into a five-part series by AlSumaria TV as a pro-bono contribution to IF's work! IF also held a number of film screenings and discussions in the provinces, offering student filmmakers the opportunity to share their work and experiences with members of the local community!   

Beginning in January and continuing into this month, IF's Provincial Accountability and Governance (PAG) project staff and partners continued to support a number of youth-led initiatives to combat corruption locally! Youth collaborated with local IF partners to coordinate their successful activities. In Ninawa, students painted murals in 32 schools throughout the province! Murals depicted the harmful effects of corruption on all of Iraqi society.  


As part of the Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP), we are pleased to report the successful implementation of the 11th Civic Leaders' Meeting to discuss the Second "Democratization in Iraq" Report (expected publication in late April) as well as challenges facing civic leaders. 

Our Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive project (EIWT) continues its valuable work with widows as the project enters its fourth cycle. We celebrated the graduation ceremony of both Baghdad Centers this month. As a result of IF's advocacy on behalf of the widows in the community, a local government official pledged to employ 20 widows in their office. IF also met with a number of widows to prepare them for their job search. IF is invested in empowering Iraqi widows to become self-sufficient and independent. 
As always, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our projects or activities!

With best wishes,

Tara Dewan-Czarnecki 
Communications Officer
Iraq Foundation

IF Prepares for Broadcast of Winning Student Films on AlSumaria TV!

We are excitedly awaiting the broadcast of
winning films created as part of IF's Interfaith Cooperation Project (ICP) on 
AlSumaria TV. This month, AlSumaria worked with the ICP film mak
ers to compile a five-part TV series from the winning films.


In addition to these exciting events, ICP teams continued screening their documentaries during this period throughout Iraq's provinces. 

Diverse audiences, including members of local communities, civic leaders, and local government officials attended the screenings and participated in discussions on the provinces' interfaith traditions and religious heritage. Many attendees praised the value and the benefits of this creative initiative!


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During the months of January and February 2012, IF, as part of the Provincial Accountability & Governance (PAG) Project, worked with local anti-corruption citizen groups to support the implementation of 30 youth-led initiatives in 15 provinces aimed at combating corruption locally. 
Activities included holding art exhibits or painting murals featuring work by local students on anti-corruption topics, putting on plays, skits, or other performances demonstrating the negative effects of corruption on society, and organizing athletic competitions to raise awareness in the community. From January 31 to February 6 in Ninawa, local youth painted anti-corruption murals in 32 schools! As a result of similar community efforts, local IMGs have received requests for more murals to be painted on the walls of schools or government buildings!
IF Promotes Transparency in the Community

Through IF's PAG project, we support community initiatives to raise awareness of corruption issues in effective, innovative and unique ways. In Najaf this month, IF partners worked to print information on transparency and accountability on plastic grocery bags that were made available in grocery stores and butcher shops throughout the area!


In January and February, IF's local partners distributed 5,000 pamphlets and 5,000 posters detailing anti-corruption regulations to various government agencies, educational establishments, CSOs and professional associations as well as public spaces, such as mosques. In one province, IMG members requested additional pamphlets to distribute among town hall meeting participants to inform the discussion!


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IF Holds 11th Civic Leaders' Meeting to Discuss Democratization Report logo 150 x 150   

On February 23, 
PEDP civic leaders held their 11th meeting to discuss the publication of the Second "Democratization in Iraq" Report as well as challenges that the civic leaders are facing. IF's Executive Director Ms. Rend Al-Rahim, in addition to 16 civic leaders including Dr. Haidar Said  (a prominent Iraqi Political Analyst who was invited to join the civic leaders group) attended the meeting. The goal of the meeting was to go over the timeline to make sure the report is produced and published on time and discuss any challenges that the civic leaders are facing.


IF Hosts Second Roundtable to Promote Legal Actions that Protect Women's Rights!

On February 20, 2012, IF held the second roundtable meeting in Erbil as part of the Women for Equitable Legislation (WEL). 

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 The goal of the meeting was to further discuss the outcomes of the first roundtable discussion and to narrow down the options that were identified for legal actions to protect women's rights. The meeting was chaired by Judge Salem Rawdan and attended by IF's Executive Director Ms. Rend Al-Rahim as well as 13 legal experts. 


Among the legal topics discussed during the meeting were: the definition of the marriage contract, marriage outside the court, the right to custody, and the husband's right to discipline his wife. Participants agreed on a number of revisions to these laws. Participants also suggested drafting new laws including a law to encourage business owners to hire women through giving them financial incentives for doing so and giving financial rewards for families who support orphans!  


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IF Looks Ahead to Cycle 4 of EIWT!

On February 20, IF celebrated the graduation of the widows as part of the 3rd Cycle of the Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive (EIWT) project. 

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The ceremony was held in the Cultural Hall of the Ministry of Oil. Widows' products (pictured here) were made available at the ceremony for purchase. Proceeds directly benefited the widows. About 100 guests were in attendance. Following the distribution of diplomas to graduates, IF awarded certificates of achievement to some widows! 

IF began the 4th Cycle of trainings and educational courses for widows in the Dhi Qar and Maysan provinces.  


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IF Helps Widows Find Jobs! 

IF continues to connect Iraqi widows to the means to become self-sufficient and economically independent. 
logo 150 x 150Thanks to the efforts of IF staff and local partners, local government officials, including a representative of the Prime Minister's Office, promised to help find jobs for some of our widows! 20 widows will begin working in the Prime Ministers office in the coming months! On February 15, IF staff in Basra assisted 20 widows in preparing employment documents to assist them in their job search! Staff coordinated one-on-one discussion sessions with Natiqa Namir, Head of the Women's Committee in Basra.        
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IF Prepares for Broadcast of Winning Student Films on AlSumaria TV!
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IF Holds 11th Civic Leaders' Meeting to Discuss Democratization Report
IF Hosts Second Roundtable to Promote the Legal Actions that Protect Women's Rights!
IF Looks Ahead to Cycle 4 of Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive!
IF Helps Widows Find Jobs!
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