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News from the Iraq Foundation
January 2009 Activities, Issue 30
Dear Friends,

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about our recent activities and accomplishments during the month of January.  IF is pleased to announce the launch of a literacy training project in the southern town of Mdaina, located in the Barsa governorate.  During January, IF staff awarded four small grants valued at 3,000 US dollars to local Iraqi NGOs to promote human rights.  Working hard to advocate for the rights of minorities, IF also launched a billboard campaign in Baghdad as part of our Human Rights Advocacy Initiative (HRAI) project.  IF continued its training activities in Basra and Baghdad for Iraqi widows, and is making progress in securing these widows employment opportunities in both the public and private sector.  In addition, IF produced and published a human rights newsletter, which is available in Arabic for download. 
As always, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our projects or activities!

Joseph Sandor
Communication Officer
Iraq Foundation

IF Launches Literacy Training Project in Mdaina, Iraq

As part of our humanitarian activities, IF partnered with International
Relief and Development (IRD) to  provide literacy training to citizens in the southern town of Mdaina, located in the Basra governorate.  Launched in January, the project started two classes in the Ezzeddine district and four classes in the center of Mdaina, which will benefit 150 Iraqis.  This activity will reach out to an equal number of men and women.  The classes will meet four times a week at local schools and teach the participants basic reading and math skills. 

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IF Awards Small Grants to Iraqi NGOs
HRAI To support our Human Rights Advocacy Initiative (HRAI), IF's small grants selection committee reviewed proposals submitted in December and January by local, Iraqi NGOs.  Out of the 32 proposals IF received, four NGOs will be awarded a 3,000 US dollar small grant to carry out their projects.  The submissions were evaluated based on the project's advancement of human rights advocacy objectives and consideration of the needs of women, minorities and other vulnerable groups as well as the proposal's response to local needs, cost-effectiveness and use of grassroots communication methods and mass media to innovatively educate the public about human rights.   

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IF Launches Human Rights Billboard Media Campaign

HRAI BIllboardIn addition to our television and radio programs, IF launched the first wave of its billboard media campaign as part of our human rights advocacy efforts.  The goal of the first wave is to promote the rights of minorities. IF placed ten billboards throughout Baghdad in strategic locations as part of this campaign.  In the following months, additional billboards, radio spots, television spots and posters will be produced to promote the rights of women, children, and other disadvantaged groups.  The media campaign is part of the Human Rights Advocacy Initiative project launched in May 2008.

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IF Continues Training Iraqi Widows in Baghdad and Basra
WEP As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the lives of Iraqi widows, training courses have continued in all four training locations in Baghdad and Basra.  In addition, IF staff members have begun to secure employment opportunities for widows participating in our training programs in both the private and public sector as part of IF's Widows Empowerment Project (WEP).  The WEP project, which began last May, is designed to empower widows with practical job and income generation skills as well as an enhanced understanding of their rights and civic responsibilities.

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In This Issue
IF Launches Literacy Training Project in Mdaina, Iraq
IF Awards Small Grants to Iraqi NGOs
IF Launches Human Rights Billboard Media Campaign
IF Continues Training Iraqi Widows in Baghdad and Basra
IF Publishes Human Rights Newsletter
IF Publishes Human Rights Newsletter
HRAI Newsletter

The Human Rights Advocacy Initiative (HRAI) published its first newsletter in January. The newsletter reports on the human rights situation in  Iraq. Formed in May 2008 by the Iraq Foundation, the  goal of the HRAI project is to empower Iraqi human rights leaders to be better advocates for human rights. Published in Arabic, HRAI's monthly newsletters are available on our website. Some newsletters will also be available in English.

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