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November 2010 Activities, Issue 51

Dear Friends,

Throughout the month of November, IF has worked hard to implement valuable projects, benefiting Iraqis all over the country! November also marked the successful conclusion of project activities for IF's Human Rights Advocacy Initiative (HRAI) project, which began in May 2008 to empower Iraq's budding human rights community to be better advocates, raise human rights awareness in Iraq, and promote the adoption of international human rights standards!  

IF is also pleased to announce that it is still accepting short video submissions from Iraqi youths on fighting sectarianism!  The application deadline has been extended to January 15th, 2011.  Winners of this contest will receive a substantial cash prize and have their videos broadcast on national television in Iraq!

IF hosted a stakeholders conference, which brought together over 130 members of Iraq's human rights community, government officials, media representatives, and other stakeholders to discuss human rights issues in Iraq.  This was the final activity of IF's Human Rights Advocacy Initiative Project (HRAI).  IF's HRAI coalition members also concluded broadcasting TV programs in collaboration with coalition members and provincial council members in early November. 

Promoting accountable and transparent government in Iraq, IF created a TV spot this month to encourage Iraqis to speak out against corruption.  The Spot will air beginning in December.  IF's Iintegrity Monitoring Groups, which were set up in 15 Iraqi provinces to fight corruption as part of our Provincial Accountability and Governance (PAG) project, continued broadcasting monthly radio programs and meeting with local government officials to discuss issues of provincial corruption and update the general public on measures being implemented to address it.

Working to empower disadvantaged Iraqi widows, IF identified training centers in five provinces to teach widows valuable, life changing skills. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our projects or activities!


Joseph Sandor
Communication Officer
Iraq Foundation 

IF Holds Second Stakeholder Conference on Human Rights in Iraq!

November marked the successful conclusion of project activities for IF's Human Rights Advocacy Initiative (HRAI) project, which began in May 2008 to empower Iraq's budding human rights community to be better advocates, raise human rights awareness in Iraq, and promote the adoption of international human rights standards!

The project strengthened the monitoring, reporting, networking and advocacy skills of human rights leaders in Iraq, which formed a coalition to actively engage in promoting human rights throughout the country.  Under IF's guidance, the coalition created a massive grassroots advocacy media campaign, which comprised television ads, radio and television programs, posters, billboards, and newsletters  - all designed to raise awareness of human rights issues in the country and advocates for the adoption of universal human rights principles. Among the HRAI coalition's numerous successes was the creation and publication of Iraq's first Universal Periodic Review (UPR) report for the United Nations, successful implementation of 10 small grants at the grassroots level, as well the lasting connections forged between Iraq's human rights organizations and local and national government officials and agencies.

Concluding the project, IF held the project's second HRAI stakeholders conference in Baghdad in collaboration with all members of the HRAI coalition. The conference convened principal stakeholders in the area of human rights, including senior officials from Iraqi ministries, members of parliament, civil society organizations, lawyers and judges, academics, media professionals, and other concerned sectors of society. More than 130 persons participated in this event. Topics covered included: Iraq's obligations to the UNHRC; minorities, IDPs and women's situation; detainees' situation; freedom of expression; and Iraq's legal status before the United Nations international human rights treaties. Panel speakers also discussed ways to develop awareness and commitment on human rights in Iraq. The conference also included a lively dialog session about human rights in Iraq. The event was covered by several media outlets including Al-Sumaria TV station and Al-Mada newspaper,,, and 

View Photos  /   Report (PDF, Arabic)  /  Speeches


IF Concludes Human Rights Television Broadcasts!

The 10th and final televised human rights program of the HRAI media campaign broadcast on November 2, 2011 on the Al-Samawa local TV.  These televised human rights programs aimed at urging the Iraqi Government to adopt and implement universal human rights standards.

To learn more about the broadcasts...

IF's Integrity Monitoring Groups Broadcast Radio Call-in Programs to Promote Good Governance in Iraq

Continuing the work that started last month, IF's Integrity Monitoring Groups (IMGs) held 12 radio call-in programs throughout Iraq's provinces  to updates the public on the Agendas for Change and provided provincial officials with the opportunity to discuss the measures they are implementing to curb corruption.

Learn more about the radio call-in programs...

In addition, IF created a television spot to promote transparency and highlight the effects of corruption on Iraqi society.  This spot will be broadcast throughout Iraq beginning in December.

View the Spot Now!

IF Holds 2nd Peer Networking  Meeting for Newly Elected Iraqi Women Parliamentarians

On November 9th, IF held the second Peer Networking Meeting with Iraqi Women Parliamentarians (IWPs). The meeting took place at the Constitutional Hall in the Iraqi Council of Representatives (CoR) in Baghdad and was attended by several new IWPs as well as former Parliamentarians Mr. Fouad Rawanduzi and Mr. Hamid Majeed. During the meeting, participants discussed monitoring mechanisms in CoR committees according to the CoR bylaws and suggestions for improving the CoR bylaws. As a result of this activity, several IWPs proposed new CoR bylaws in the Iraqi legislator. 

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IF Identifies Training Locations for Iraqi Widows!

We are pleased to announce that throughout the month of November, IF has succeeded in locating training centers as well as formed working agreements with numerous Iraqi NGOs and government leaders as well as international organizations to secure training materials and identify potential widows to participate in IF's newly launched Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive Project (EWIT)! EWIT will provide life changing training to well over 1,000 disadvantaged Iraqi women.  In addition, the project will provide vocational and entrepreneurial skills training tailored to the specific needs the widows' local communities.

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In This Issue

IF Broadcasts TV and Radio Programs to Promote Human Rights in Iraq!

IF's Integrity Monitoring Groups Hold Town Hall Meetings and Radio Call-in Programs

IF Holds Networking and Skills Development Meeting for Newly Elected Iraqi Women Parliamentarians

IF's Sets Up Training Centers for Iraqi Widows throughout the Country!

IF Extends Application Deadline for Youth Video Competition to January 15, 2011!

IF Accepts Applications for Youth Video Competition - Deadline January 15, 2011!

IF is extending the deadline to apply for the youth video competition on overcoming sectarianism aimed at Iraqi youths to January 15, 2011.  IF is awarding a cash prize of $1,000 to winning video and four runner-up prizes of $500 each.  Winning videos will also be broadcast on national television in Iraq. As part of IF's Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP), IF aims to bolster Iraqi youth's understanding of civic and democratic processes, and their leadership across sectarian lines to resolve community and national level disputes peacefully.   

Learn more and apply today!

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