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October 2010 Activities, Issue 50

Dear Friends,

IF is pleased to announce many exciting activities conducted throughout the month of October, including the broadcast of many radio programs as well as television spots and extended interviews, as part of our work to promote human rights and good governance in Iraq.  In addition, IF has extended the deadline for youths to submit short videos on fighting sectarianism from October 31st to January 15th, 2011.  Winners of this contest will receive a substantial cash prize and have their videos broadcast on national television in Iraq!

Also during October, IF's Integrity Monitoring Groups, which were set up in 15 Iraqi provinces as part of our Provincial Accountability and Governance (PAG) project, conducted 13 town hall meetings to discuss issues of provincial corruption with local officials and update the general public on the status of corruption and measures being implemented to address it.

As part of our Human Rights Advocacy Initiative (HRAI) project, coalition members continued  the media campaign to promote the adoption of UN Human Rights Council recommendations for Iraq as well as arranged and broadcast seven  new TV programs in collaboration with coalition members and provincial council members during October. 

IF is working hard to prepare training centers, staff, and materials for our newly launched Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive (EIWT) project, which will empower 1,200 Iraqi women through life skills and civic education and provide tailored vocational skills training to 280 women over the next two years.  In addition IF's Executive Director Rend Al-Rahim spoke at a panel discussion sponsored by Georgetown University  in Doha on October 19.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our projects or activities!


Joseph Sandor
Communication Officer
Iraq Foundation 

IF Extends Application Deadline for Youth Video Competition to January 15, 2011!

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IF is extending the deadline to apply for the youth video competition on overcoming sectarianism aimed at Iraqi youths to January 15, 2011.  IF is awarding a cash prize of $1,000 to winning video and four runner-up prizes of $500 each.  Winning videos will also be broadcast on national television in Iraq. As part of IF's Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP), IF aims to bolster Iraqi youth's understanding of civic and democratic processes, and their leadership across sectarian lines to resolve community and national level disputes peacefully.   

Learn more and apply today!

IF Broadcasts TV and Radio Programs to Promote Human Rights in Iraq!

IF concluded broadcasting TV and radio spots on the UN human rights council recommendations to Iraq at the end of October. A total of 300 TV spots and 240 radio spots ran on Al-Sharqiya, Al-Iraqiya, Al-Sumariya, and Al-Furat TV stations during prime time. The campaign was also complemented by newspaper ads and billboards. 


During October, IF's HRAI team also continued to work with local partners and provincial council members to produce and broadcast local TV programs on human rights themes.  Seven programs were produced this month, covering: the role of the governmental associations in supporting and protecting human rights; the establishment of the Iraqi Human Right Commission; the mechanism of the Universal Periodic Review; administrative corruption and human rights; the human rights situation in prisons and detention centers; minority rights; and forced disappearance. A total of 10 programs will be produced in collaboration with provincial council officials through the course of this media campaign.  The final program will be held on November 4th.


View IF's TV and Radio Campaigns on UN Recommendations...

Learn more about programs produced in collaboration with provincial council officials... 

IF's Integrity Monitoring Groups Hold Town Hall Meetings and Radio Call-in Programs to Promote Good Governance in Iraq

IF's Integrity Monitoring Groups (IMGs) held the first of a series of four town hall meetings in 13 provinces throughout Iraq. The town hall meetings included local officials, the media, and the general public. The IMGs presented status updates on the Agendas for Change and provided provincial officials with the opportunity to discuss the measures they are implementing to curb corruption as well as listen to recommendations offered by the IMGs and the public. Local media covered the meetings and published independent news articles on specific issues of transparency and accountability in each province.

Learn more about the town hall meetings...

To learn more about the press and media that resulted from theses town hall meetings, click here.  In addition to the town hall meetings, IF's PAG team continued to hold monthly radio call-in programs to discuss the actions being taken to fight corruption. 

IF Holds Networking and Skills Development Meeting for Newly Elected Iraqi Women Parliamentarians

On October 5, 2010 IF hosted a networking and development meeting for the  Iraqi Women Parliamentarians (IWPs) who are participating in IF's Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP).  The meeting took place at the Al-Alwiyah Social Club in Baghdad and aimed at strengthening the IWPs skills as leading legislators and community leaders.  The participants discussed two main topics: Parliament committees' work and how to choose the right committee; and the importance of setting up a parliamentary office. The meeting was chaired by former MP Dr. Amira Al-Baldawi and three re-elected parliamentarians and a former parliamentarian's head of office were invited to the meeting and shared their experiences with the new IWPs.

Learn More...

IF Prepares to Start Training Program for Iraqi Widows!

As part of our efforts to assist and empower disadvantaged Iraqi widows throughout the country, IF's newly launched Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive Project (EWIT) has conducted numerous activities to locate suitable training centers in five Iraqi governorates, identify qualified trainers, and develop and customize training materials.  Throughout the month of October, IF EWIT staff made several visits to potential training venues and conducted numerous meetings with Iraqi NGOs and government leaders as well as international organizations, including the Red Crescent, the International Medical Corp, Iraqi Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, as well as local government offices and potential NGO partners.


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IF Extends Application Deadline for Youth Video Competition to January 15, 2011!

IF Broadcasts TV and Radio Programs to Promote Human Rights in Iraq!

IF's Integrity Monitoring Groups Hold Town Hall Meetings and Radio Call-in Programs

IF Holds Networking and Skills Development Meeting for Newly Elected Iraqi Women Parliamentarians

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Executive Director Speaks at Georgetown University Panel Discussion in Doha

Executive Director Rend Al-Rahim spoke at a panel discussion entitled "Iraq in the Balance: Security and Democracy After the U.S. Troop Withdrawal," which was sponsored by Georgetown University's Center for Strategic and International Studies on October 19, 2010 in Doha, Qatar.  Joined by Anthony Cordesman, the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy at the Center for Strategic & International Studies, Laith Kubba, Director of Middle East & North Africa at the National Endowment for Democracy, Ms. Al-Rahim discussed the current political climate in Iraq and constitutional challenges, which the country faces. 

Learn more about the Georgetown Event

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