Anti-Corruption and Transparency Project

IF is pleased to announce the launch of a new Anti-Corruption Project called Provincial Accountability and Governance Project!

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Project Completed:

Phase I March 2007 - May 2008

Phase II June 2008 - December 2008

The goal of the ACT-phase II project was to mobilize Iraqi public opinion against corruption and encourage transparency and accountability in government.

During this project, IF undertook many successful activities to achieve this goal. During the month of July, IF and the CPI held a national conference to promote a National Strategy to Combat Corruption and Promote the Culture of Transparency. During the conference, IF awarded four winners of a research competition on various ways to combat corruption. The conference also issued recommendations based on the papers’ most important findings. In November, IF held a retreat with the Iraqi Commission on Public Integrity (CPI) and the Lebanese Chapter of Transparency International, the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) in Beirut-Lebanon. Two US- Baghdad embassy representatives as well as Transparency International’s (TI) Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East, Ms. Rima Al-Azar also attended the retreat. The participants showed a great level of energy and the US embassy and TI representatives were particularly appreciative of the distinguished relationship between IF and the CPI and expressed their admiration for the commission's seriousness and resolution to fight corruption.

Throughout the project, IF held in-country workshops in the provinces to promote IF’s Accountability Education Platform. The workshops were held in the governorates of Basra, Nasiriyya, Baghdad and Suleimaniyya. IF also complemented its activities with a media campaign, broadcasting 25 TV and 72 radio spots on Al-Iraqiyya TV and radio stations.

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