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IF Youth Civics Camp 2011
Media Coverage

Suleymanieh, Iraq

July 7, 2011

IF is pleased to announce that several top news outlets covered the launch of IF's Youth Civics Camp on July 7, 2011! This is the second year that IF has concducted the Camp, which aims to bolster Iraqi youth's understanding of civic and democratic processes, and their leadership across sectarian lines to resolve community and national level disputes peacefully as part of the Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP).

In partnership with the American University of Iraq, Suleymanieh, IF will hold IF will train a total of 100 students each year in four groups of 25 over the course of a week.


Al-Fayha TV Media Coverage:


Al-Iraqyia Media Coverage:


In addition, the American University of Iraq's Brenna Allen submitted the following article on Thu, 07/14/2011:



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