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IF Continues PF Outreach to Government Figures

October 28, 2015
- As part of carrying out Activity 6 of al-RASID, which encompasses monthly meetings with local officials and stakeholders to implement the NAP, PTFs reached out to 212 participants including 78 women and 133 men. Additionally, PTF reached out to provincial officials and local decision makers for consultation and advocacy in order to evolve policies and mechanisms for implementing the NAP in light of local needs and conditions. A total of five meetings were held in the provinces. PTFs  in the five provinces have conducted a  total of  15 meetings throughout the life of the project, two in Erbil, four in Babil, two in Baghdad, four in Basrah and three in Ninawa . 402 government officials have participated in these meetings. ti

IF Holds National Task Force Training for Rasid

October 28, 2015
- Activity 3: Create National Task Force (NTF) and build capacity in necessary skills to draft the final report   On August 17th &18th, IF held the second workshop in the PTF capacity building series which focused on data collection. This workshop was conducted in collaboration with academics and field experts including Dr. Ghaith Al-Janabi and Ms. Siham Abdulhameed –  Head of the Central Statistical Organization in the Ministry of Planning. During this workshop, 38 PTFs analyzed data collected previously on how women in Iraq are  contributing to peace processes and what areas they could move into to further these efforts. Part of the first day was devoted to reviewing the data collected by the NGO researchers, how they collected the data, and how they presented it. A standardized unified format for the work plan was developed based on the questions … Continue reading

TABEIR Call for Proposals for Final Evaluation

October 20, 2015
- The Iraq Foundation is issuing a call for proposals for a Final Evaluation of its TABEIR Project. The Deadline for submissions is November 16th, 2015. A link to the Call for Proposals is below: Call For Proposals(CFP)-TABEIR-Final-Evaluation_Iraq

IF Congratulates Dhefaf al-Jarahi on Completing her University Degree

October 2, 2015
- Mrs. Al-Jarahi recently completed her university degree. IF is extremely proud of her accomplishment and her hard work.