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Open Letter to UN Secretary-General From WILPF and MENA Women Civil Society Organizations

April 7, 2017
- Open letter to Mr. António Guterres, United Nations Secretary–General Letter from a group of Women Civil Society Organisations in MENA Dear Mr. Secretary-General, We congratulate you on your appointment as Secretary-General of our United Nations and, recalling your swearing-in ceremony where you called on leaders to listen to the needs of their people in the interest of the global stability upon which we all depend, we call on you to heed the recommendations set out herein in your mission to serve our common humanity. As women activists from the Middle East and North Africa, we have witnessed the important role women are playing in bringing about positive change in the region, often at considerable personal risk to themselves and their family. Following a 10- year campaign by women’s organizations in Yemen, the Yemeni National Dialogue fixed the age of consent to marriage at 18 years for both sexes … Continue reading

Empowering Returnee Women (ERW)

March 6, 2017
- Awarded: January 2017 Scheduled Completion: October 2017 The Iraq Foundation has received a grant from the German government to empower Female Head of Households (FHH) and other women in recently liberated areas from Da’esh (ISIS) in Nenawa, Salaheddin, and Anbar. IF will cultivate stabilization in these areas by building the capacity of these women to be leaders in their communities. IF will coordinate with IOM while implementing in 5 liberated areas in the aforementioned provinces. As more Iraqis return to regions recently liberated from the grip of Da’esh, rebuilding these war-torn areas will require women taking on a larger role in their communities. Through training FHHs as community ambassadors and providing them with tools (including technology) and mechanisms to present the needs of their communities to relevant authorities, the women will not only be able to improve the wellbeing of other women in their area, but they will also create new … Continue reading

Al Rasid Final Meeting

January 17, 2017
- On December 27, 2016 IF held the final meeting of Al Rasid project in Baghdad to present the Final Monitoring and Evaluation Report. The report showcased the findings of the Provincial Task Forces’ (PTFs) monitoring efforts of the Government of Iraq’s implementation of the National Action plan (NAP) on UNSCR 1325, as well as an analysis monitoring the implementation of recommended legal changes with a special section devoted to the needs of IDPs, minorities, and other vulnerable individuals. In addition, IF presented the TV spots generated throughout the Al Rasid Media Campaign intended to raise awareness on the role of women as peace builders. The videos also highlight the role of men in ending conflict and supporting the NAP and NS.  

Sabria: An IDP’s Story from Qaraqosh

December 15, 2016
- Experiencing horrific violence in her once peaceful home, Sabria left on a dangerous journey in search of safety, landing her in an IDP camp. While there, she was unable to find opportunity and faced severe health issues. With help from Iraq Foundation, Sabria received cooking training which allowed her to find employment make an income in order to support herself. Here is her story… Follow the link below to support women like Sabria, and their families. We hope you consider donating to the Iraq Foundation to benefit those who need it most this time of year. Your small donation can change a life.