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TABEIR June and July Trainings!

August 8, 2014
- Iraq Foundation Implementing partner NGOs successfully implemented 9 training courses during the months of June and July in the provinces of Baghdad, Kut, Missan, Babil, Erbil and Basrah. The NGOs utilized training centers in their regions and offered training courses to NGOs, local journalists and citizen journalists. The total beneficiaries until the end of July is 244( 183 in June and 61 in July) citizen journalists and NGO members across Iraq. These courses were offered by the partner NGOs free of charge, but all participants filled an application and went through a vetting process to ensure that those who are trained will use the training for the protection of FOE.  ‘


IF Assists IDPs!

August 4, 2014
- With refugee camps  in Dohuk, Erbil, and others of the country already past capacity, aid organizations struggling to provide basic services to victims of ISIS  are ill-prepared to serve the new influx of IDPs. Christians in Mosul have been targeted by ISIS fighters. Despite an initial promise that they could remain if they paid a special tax for non-Muslims, reports indicate that those who have chosen to stay are being stripped of their possessions and killed. An IDP camp in the Shekhan district of Ninewa province has doubled in size in the last two weeks, straining limited resources and placing immense pressure on aid workers to increase the rate of tent construction. In Kirkuk province, local authorities estimate that a further 16,000 families have been displaced in the previous two weeks. The worst conditions are faced by Yezidis fleeing Sinjar.  Having faced … Continue reading


WIES Quarterly Progress

July 30, 2014
- Update for April, May and June The Iraq Foundation (IF) is pleased to report that 37 WIES beneficiaries were linked to grants/ loans including: 9 WIES beneficiaries received ID100, 000 each in Nineveh, 3 WIES beneficiaries received ID 1 million no interest loan each from Mr. Zahran Nasir Al Batat in Maysan, 2 WIES beneficiaries received $100 each in Daiyala and 23 WIES beneficiaries received ID 5,000,000 donation that was made by Mr. Thair Abdulzahra, businessman and owner of Time Square shopping center. The beneficiaries received either ID200, 000 or toolkits at equal or higher monetary value. 40 FHH accepted job offers contributing to a total of 137 job placements to date. Furthermore, 88 new employment opportunities were identified contributing to a total of 303 opportunities identified to date. 3 WIES beneficiaries were placed in the apprenticeship program. 57 WIES … Continue reading


Update on Christians: Y-News Translation

July 23, 2014
- An article from “Y-News – Baghdad” July 21, 2014: I am Christian-A message from Iraqi Muslims against violence In the al-Ghadeer region east of Baghdad, dozens of Muslim civilian activists gathered at Saint George’s Church in solidarity with Iraqi Christians. These Christians have been forcibly displaced by ISIS militants acting in the name of a so-called Caliphate State. Entering the church on Sunday, one could not differentiate between Christians and Muslims.  Everybody gathered focused only on speaking of peace. The atmosphere in the church sent a message to the world saying that there is no difference between Christians and Muslims in this country: Iraq belongs to us; there is no place for terrorism in it. Christians and Muslims stood together, the former reciting verses from the Bible while the latter recited Surat Al-Fatihah from the Quran. The Bible and the … Continue reading