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Video Spot 2 – Women’s Participation in Decision Making

October 31, 2016
- One of the key elements of Al Rasid project is raising awareness on UNSCR 1325 to further enhance the role of women in the decision making process and in overall peacemaking initiatives. Al-Rasid project worked with displaced women and victims of gender-based violence to help build their capacity on these initiatives and increase their influence within communal decision making.

Video Spot 1 – Introduction to Al-Rasid Project

October 31, 2016
- Two years have passed since Iraq formed the National Action Plan following UNSC Resolution 1325 calling for the security and protection of women. Iraq was the first country to adopt this decision nationally within the Middle East. Iraq Foundation’s Al-Rasid Project monitors the implementation of the National Action Plan, tracking its success and failures, and thereby assisting its ability to empower women as leaders.

Call for Proposals: Al Rasid Final Evaluation, Iraq

October 4, 2016
- Al-Rasid (the monitor) Project Call for proposals- Final Evaluation, Iraq Background The Iraq Foundation (IF) is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization and a registered CSO in Iraq. Established in 1991, its mission is to promote democracy, human rights, and civil society in Iraq. IF is an Iraqi-founded and Iraqi-led organization that is also independent, non-partisan, and espouses the principle of pluralism. IF’s headquarters are in Washington DC, and has offices in Baghdad and staff in Basra and Erbil from which it implements projects in all Iraqi provinces through networks of local NGO partners, academic institutions, and professional bodies. Staff travels regularly throughout Iraq to oversee projects and train, monitor, and evaluate participants. Al-Rasid (meaning “the monitor” in Arabic) project  aims at supporting the National Strategy and National Action Plan (NAP) and the Emergency National Action Plan (E-NAP) on UN Security … Continue reading

ISIS Chemical Weapons: A New Danger

September 30, 2016
- This week, the Pentagon confirmed a previous account by defense officials indicating that Islamic State militants recently used chemical weapons against US troops based at the Qayyarah Airfield, a key location in the upcoming offensive to retake Mosul from ISIS. The weapon in question, a rocket shell that landed “within the security perimeter” of the airfield, was confirmed to contain a mustard agent after testing by US troops. Despite the attack’s proximity to US military personnel, no one was injured in the attack, nor was anyone exposed to the chemical agent afterwards. While the Islamic State has used chemical weapons against combatants in Syria, specifically against the Kurdish Peshmerga, this is the first time chemical weapons have been used by ISIS against the United States, and the first time mustard gas has been used against the US since World War … Continue reading