WEL Reforms

March 27, 2014
- WEL Reforms

PAG TV Spot Survey Results

March 18, 2014
- Karbala Province, March 2011 The Iraq Foundation (IF) is currently airing PAG anti-corruption TV spots on Al-Iraqi’a TV channel to demonstrate the impact of corruption on job opportunities, health services, education, economy, and the wellbeing of the Iraqi people. The TV spots also clarify how corruption undermines democracy, civil rights, and the political rights of the people of Iraq. In order to evaluate the impact of PAG anti-corruption TV spots on the people in the provinces, we would like you to answer this survey form for your province. Name of NGO: The Iraqi Association for Human Rights Watch Province: Karbala Date: March 2011 The survey included 300 people and covered the following areas in the province of Karabla: Gender: Male: 210 Female: 90 Age between 25-50 Level of Education: -Illiterate (none) -Elementary School (5 persons) -Secondary School (20 persons) -High … Continue reading

PAG Agendas for Change

March 18, 2014
- Below are links to the 15 Agendas for Change, which were created in partnership with local Provincial Council officials and IF’s Integrity Monitoring Groups in each of the 15 provinces. The documents are in MS Excel and translated into English. Anbar, English Babil, English Baghdad, English Basra, English Diwania, English Diyala, English Karbala, English Maysan, English Mousel, English Najaf, English Salah Al-Din, English Samawa, English Tameem – Kirkuk, English Thi Qar, English Wasit, English

Newsletter: July – September 2013

February 7, 2014
- Newsletter: July – September 2013