Iraq Foundation

Monthly Bulletin: August

October 6, 2014
- Dear Friends, In light of the recent violence in Iraq, IF has begun a fundraiser in support of internally displaced persons (IDPs). To date, IF has raised $7425 and we hope you will generously support this effort. IF-raised funds have provided food, water and children’s health supplies to IDP communities in Bartalla (Ninawa province) in acute need of water, shelter, and health provisions. If you would like to support IDPs, please donate here and indicate that your donation is for IDPs in the comment box. All funds directly benefit IDPs. Widows Initiative for Economic Sustainability WIES is funded by the US Department of State Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues. WIES aims to economically empowering over 560 female heads of household (FHHs) in Iraq by building skills, promoting entrepreneurship, and connecting them with employment opportunities. IF, in cooperation with its partner Al-Firdaws, held a charitable networking market on August 14, … Continue reading

IF Advertises

IF advertises WIES businesses

September 26, 2014
- As part of WIES support for FHH’s businesses, IF has established web based ad’s promoting for FHH’s business as part of marketing and networking assistance provided to the FHH’s. The ads were disseminated through social media and Electronic journals in attempt to help marketing the FHH’s products and linking them to small contracts to support their businesses.

Monthly Bulletin: June – July 2014

August 12, 2014
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Monthly Bulletin: May 2014

July 1, 2014
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