Statement on 2017 International Day of the Girl


Jadaa children 2

The 2017 International Day of the Girl draws attention to the struggles young women face before, during, and after times of crisis. According to UN Women, girls living in regions of conflict are 90% more likely to be out of school than those living in crisis-free areas. Additionally, women and children make up three-quarters of those fleeing conflict zones worldwide, with approximately 2.5 million girls under the age of 18 in need of humanitarian assistance in just Iraq alone. These staggering numbers demonstrate the harm of calamity on adolescent girls, who already face gender inequality before conflicts even begin. Emergencies exacerbate this discrimination and cause higher rates of sex slavery, child marriage, human trafficking, rape, and gender-based violence.

Iraq Foundation believes that we must draw attention to the unique dangers that girls face, and empower them to fight for their rights and build peaceful communities. We are constantly working to achieve this goal. Through our Empowering Returnee Women project, we are working to stabilize areas of return in Iraq so that young girls coming home can receive an education and the childhood they deserve. The future of Iraq depends on it.

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