Statement on Commencement of the Mosul Offensive


Today, Iraqis unite to take back the city of Mosul, the final Da’esh stronghold in Iraq. With the battle now underway, the Iraq Foundation urges the protection and safety of civilian lives at all costs. This battle has the capacity to displace hundreds of thousands of people, as an estimated 1.2 to 1.5 million civilians are currently trapped inside. The humanitarian conditions within Mosul are relatively unknown, however the necessity for immediate assistance for many will be desperately needed.

This battle holds high significance as it marks one of the last major hurdles in eradicating Da’esh from Iraq once and for all. While the full expulsion of Da’esh’s ideology will be a continuing battle, the retaking of Mosul will reestablish the sovereignty of the Iraqi government over land it has lost control of since the summer of 2014. With the stakes so high and the prospect for victory so nearly attainable, it is essential that the various actors involved in retaking Mosul unite under a common cause, and do not let conflicting views of the city’s future undermine the success of the operation.

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