Statement on the Liberation of Mosul


After 9 months of a long and costly struggle, the city of Mosul has been liberated from the grip of Da’esh (ISIS) by the people of Iraq.  Even with victory however, there is still much work to be done.  The safety, protection, and peace for civilians inside Mosul during this difficult transitional period will be of the utmost importance.  Many are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance for medicine and basic needs, as well as access to electricity and clean water in order to rebuild their lives that were destroyed by Da’esh.

With a major hurdle overcome in regaining control over Iraq’s second largest city, sectarianism, corruption and the cancerous Da’esh ideology will need to be addressed for a lasting peace to be attainable. The Iraq Foundation hopes and urges unity and tolerance among the city’s inhabitants and returning families as Mosul seeks to enter a new era of peace and prosperity.

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