Statement on World Refugee Day


Today, June 20 marks World Refugee Day, a day to recognize the struggle of millions of refugees around the world, and to commemorate their strength, courage, and perseverance. The war against ISIS (Da’esh) in Iraq has led millions to flee their homes, joining a vast refugee population not only from the Middle East, but from many corners of the world. The Iraq Foundation recognizes the selfless efforts put forth by the United Nations and many governmental and non-governmental organizations to assist the over three million internally displaced Iraqis, and countless others effected by this conflict.

With many civilians still fleeing ISIS and thousands more already in refugee and displacement camps across neighboring countries, the Iraq Foundation expresses our support for all refugees who have risked everything in search of safety for themselves and their loved ones. While the conflict is still ongoing and much work remains to be done, the Iraq foundation continues to push for a sustainable solution to this crisis so that individuals in harm’s way may be able to resume their lives once more. It is critical to note that while the world acknowledges refugee suffering on this one day, for them it is a continuous struggle that will last long after the sun goes down.

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