11th Civil Society Leaders Meeting: February 23, 2012


On February 23, 2012, PEDP civic leaders held their 11th civic leaders’ meeting at IF Baghdad office to discuss the Second “Democratization in Iraq Report” as well as any challenges civic leaders have encountered. IF’s Executive Director Ms. Rend Al-Rahim, in addition to 16 civic leaders including, a prominent Iraqi political analyst who also served as the head rapporteur, attended the meeting. The goal of the meeting was to go over the timeline to make sure the report is produced and published on time and discuss any challenges that the civic leaders are facing.

Prior to this meeting, IF has held 10 other meetings on the following dates:

Meeting 1: 6/12/2010: All CSL meeting
Meeting 2: 6/17/2010: Coordinators meeting
Meeting 3: 7/5/2010: Coordinators meeting
Meeting 4: 8/10/2010: Coordinators meeting
Meeting 5: 9/23/2010: Coordinators and rapporteurs meeting
Meeting 6: 10/25/2010: Coordinators and rapporteurs meeting
Meeting 7: 2/3/2011: Strategies for Writing Shadow Report
Meeting 8: 9/29/2011:Follow-up on Report Writing
Meeting 9: 10/29/2011:Methodology for 2nd Democratization in Iraq report Meeting 10: 11/26/2011: Freedom House Revisions to Report


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