12th Peer Networking Meeting: November 24, 2013


IF has successfully held the 12th Peer Networking Meeting (PNM) for Incoming Women Parliamentarians (IWPs) on November 24, 2013 at the Constitution Hall of the Council of Representatives (CoR).  The PNM was headed by Ms. Shatha Al-Rushdi, Project Coordinator-IF Baghdad, and attended by Mr. Ahmed Hameed, Project Assistant, IF-Baghdad Office. 7 Women parliamentarians participated in the meeting.  This meeting discussed the 3 following themes:

1- The nomination for the forthcoming elections in 2014, presented by Ms. Golshan Kamal, Member in Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC).

2- IHEC view on the successes and failures of Iraqi Women MPs in the current parliamentarian cycle. The theme was presented by Mr. Mohsin Al-Musawi, IHEC member.

3- The experiences of the re-elected Iraqi Women MPs and how the women MP won a 2nd time.  This theme was presented by 2 Iraqi Women MPs: Dr. Samira Al-Musawi and Ms. Jinan Al-Ibraisam.

The PNM was concluded with the following recommendations:

  • The need to gather information of each parliamentarian candidate, before participating in the elections, and before having a written pledge from the candidate
  • Voters should review the voters’ record in order to get the electoral card, and recommend making an electronic electoral card
  • Emphasize the importance of CSO election monitoring
  • Encourage CSO representatives to help IHEC on electronic electoral registration
  • Increase media campaigns to encourage electronic electoral registration.  Such campaign needs joint efforts
  • Emphasize the importance of women’s role in the coming elections
  • Exclude from the women quota, the women parliamentarian candidates, those who win their seats directly
  • IHEC needs to educate voters on the qualifications of candidates to discourage them from voting on the basis of familial or clan ties
  • Activate the education role of CSOs in educating voters on electing women
  • Increase media campaigns on women elections
  • Involve IHEC members on conducting educational sessions to encourage people to participate in the elections; Perform these sessions in so-called hot spots
  • Emphasize the role of mobile teams in order to work on updating voters’ records.
  • Work diligently during the election process to build up public support for the election of qualified women MPs to serve another term.


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