1st PEDP Civic Leaders Workshop: June 2-6, 2010


IF successfully implemented the 1st PEDP project workshop to train civc leaders from June 2-6 in Beirut, Lebanon. The 24 participants included university deans, academics, journalists and other media and civil society representatives. The workshop focused on the methodology for writing reports that assess governance, accountability and transparency to influence policymakers and the government.

Participants were asked to identify their priorities for an assessment of accountability and transparency and came up with three main topics that they agreed to report on: Freedom of the press, parliament performance, and political parties. They also identified preliminary indicators for assessing these 3 main topics. The workshop included open discussion and group exercises. Discussions were lively and points of view reflected the participants’ background and geographical diversity. Many participants voiced their satisfaction with the material covered. Dr Moufid Zanoun, Dean of the Political Science department at Mosul University declared that he was going to encourage including some of the concepts learned in the department’ curricula.

The workshop was covered by Al-Sabah and Arab Metro newspapers.

It was agreed that network members would be divided into 3 groups, each group, working on one of the topic of their expertise. Participants also agreed to form a coordination committee composed of one representative from each group and an IF staff member. A “rapporteur” will be chosen within each group, commissioned to draft the reports and analyze the data. During the next period, civic leaders will work on refining the indicators and start collecting data for the report.

In collaboration with Freedom House, IF will mentor the civic leaders throughout the process and will conduct a follow-up training to further guide them and address any challenges.

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