1st WEL Roundtable Meeting: January 2012


On January 27 2012, IF held the first roundtable meeting at the Van Royal Hotel in Erbil. The goal of the meeting was to examine major areas where gaps exist in Iraqi legislation relative to the constitution and internationally accepted human rights law as well as explore how these gaps impact women and society as a whole. Participants assessed the progress that has been made in protecting women’s rights to-date, including the activities of the Committee of 80 and the lifting of Iraq’s reservation Article 9 of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women(CEDAW).  During the meeting, many laws were identified as in need of legal action. The laws were grouped into the following three categories: domestic violence/honor killing, discrimination in the workplace, and trafficking. Participants also suggested drafting new laws to better protect women’s rights. A group of experts will prepare research papers, surveys and studies based on the outcomes of the roundtable and in preparation for the second roundtable meeting scheduled to take place during the end of March.

Selected photos:

Under the title “Closing the Gaps in Legislation for Women’s Rights,” IF held the first roundtable meeting in Erbil on January 27th.











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