2011: Iraqi Youth Implement Small Grants


As part of the Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP), IF awarded four student groups small grants to impliment activities that promote Small grants awardees started implementing their projects in the provinces during the month of March. The four winning projects, which were awarded last month, are as follows:

  • Mr. Layth Kadhim Bidan (Baghdad)

Project goal: Project aims at promoting peaceful coexistence in Iraqi schools through holding 31 educational workshops targeting 750 students in middle and high schools.

Activities: Activities implemented during this reporting period: 6 workshops targeting 222 students in 4 different Baghdad areas. The young participants were very engaged and eager to learn. The grantee expects to exceed his initial target beneficiaries’ number and reach out to as many as 1,000 students as many young students expressed their desire to join the workshops.

  • Mr. Ahmed Sabah Jbara (Baghdad, Dhi Qar, and Basra)

Project goal: The goal of the project is to promote peaceful coexistence through creating and showing a play (wound of the country) that discusses sectarian divisions and their detrimental consequences as well as the importance to overcome these divisions for the sake of peace and prosperity.

Activities: The grantee showed the play in Basra on March 17th at the Basra College of Arts. Two more shows are scheduled for the month of May in Baghdad and Dhi-Qar provinces.

  • Ms. Nida’a Abdulmahdi (Baghdad)

Project goal: Promoting peaceful coexistence in schools through showing a play (our students are messengers of peace) about peace and love and the detrimental effect of fighting to school children and inviting them to make drawings that illustrate their impressions after watching the play.

Activities: The grantee implemented her project from February 27th to March 23rd 2011. The project targeted 400 students and was implemented at the Dhefar Elementary School in Baghdad. The grantee asked the students to draw anything they wish before the play and after watching the play. Most of the drawings performed before watching the play included guns, tanks and fighting. Most drawings performed after watching the play, showed love, happiness and peace.  Gifts were given to the students at the end of the activity. The positive impact of the project was obvious in the nature of the drawing achieved after the play.

  • Mr. Akeel Mohammed Jawad (Babil)

Project goal: The goal of the project is to spread the values of democracy through recording and broadcasting four radio programs led by youth in the Babil province. Topics will cover: the concept of democracy and its implementation in the oriental society, youth’s role in the promotion of the values of democracy, how to reconcile between religion and democracy, and the importance of dialogue and openness to promote peaceful coexistence between Babil province residents. The programs will be broadcast 20 times on 4 different radio stations.

Activities: During this reporting period grantee recorded all four programs. The recordings lasted for ½ an hour and took place on March 25th and 26th at the Babil Radio station in Babil Province. The recorded programs will be broadcast 20 times in total on 4 local radio stations in Babil province as follows: 4 times on Al-Furatain Radio (transmission started on March 31st and will be repeated for 4 consecutive days), 8 times on Babil Radio Station (transmission will start on April 1st and will be repeated for 4 consecutive days), 4 times on Al-Hilla Radio Station (transmission started on March 31st and will be repeated for 4 consecutive days), and 4 times on Itihad Al-Sha’ab Radio Station (transmission started on March 31st and will be repeated for 4 consecutive days).

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