2nd PEDP Civic Leaders Workshop: December 4 – 6, 2010


IF successfully completed the 2nd PEDP civic leaders workshop in Beirut from December 4-6. The workshop was implemented in collaboration with Freedom House (FH) and discussed the democracy monitoring draft reports that the civic leaders are working on.

The sessions included working groups during which participants commented on their own draft reports on monitoring Iraqi media, parliament, and political parties’ performance and transparency. FH incorporated these comments as well as their own comments on the reports and sent a consolidated version to the participants so that they can revise the first draft accordingly.

The workshop also included a session by a Lebanese organization on advocacy planning and coalition building. Participants also agreed to meet again soon in Baghdad to discuss an advocacy plan, including coalition building strategies to gather support before the report is published. 20 civic leaders participated in the workshop. The discussions were very engaging and the level of energy high.

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