2nd WEL Roundtable Meeting: February 2012


On February 20, 2012, IF held the second WEL roundtable meeting. The goal of the meeting was to further discuss the outcomes of the first roundtable discussion and to narrow down the options that were identified for legal actions to protect women’s rights. The meeting was chaired by Judge Salem Rawdan and attended by IF’s Executive Director Ms. Rend Al-Rahim as well as 13 legal experts both male and female.

In preparation for the meeting, Judge Rawdan prepared a comprehensive report, based on the outcomes of the first roundtable discussion and including suggestions for legal action. The report was broken down into the three following sections: (1) Suggestions for laws to be revised (including the personal status law, the labor law and the penal code); (2) Suggestions for laws and decisions to be repealed; and (3) Suggestions for laws to be drafted.

Among the legal topics discussed during the meeting were: the definition of the marriage contract, marriage outside the court, the right to custody, and the husband’s right to discipline his wife. Participants agreed on a number of revisions to these laws. Participants also suggested drafting new laws including a law to encourage business owners to hire women through giving them financial incentives for doing so and giving financial rewards for families who support orphans.

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