3rd Peer Networking Meeting: January 30, 2011


On January 30 2011, IF held the third IWPs peer networking meeting. The meeting was held in one of the Iraqi Parliament building rooms and attended by 17 IWPs. Topics covered included:

  •  General state budgeting
  •  Budget comparisons between the 2010 and 2011 budgets
  •  Parliament’s role in discussing and ratifying the budget pursuant to the constitution and the parliament bylaw
  •  Challenges faced while ratifying previous budgets

 The meeting was chaired by former MP Amira Al-Baldawi.  Other lecturers included Mr. Najeh Al-Khafaji, former general Director of the Budget department-Finance Ministry, Mr. Ahmed Shinan, Research Department- budget division in the COR, and MP Haidar Al-Ubadi, former head of the Economic committee and current member of the Finance committee.

We’re happy to report that the growing reputation of the Iraqi Women Parliamentarians IWPs program is starting to draw a lot of attention. As an indicator of the success of the project, IF was contacted in January by two new women MP who heard about the program and requested to participate in the IWPs future activities.


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