5th Peer Networking Meeting: May 2, 2011


On May 2nd 2011, IF held the fifth Peer Networking Meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Amira Al-Baldawi and took place at the Constitutional Hall in the Iraqi Parliament. The meeting was facilitated by Global Partners Associates’ Ms. Faten Hussein and attended by 17 IWPs as well as by former Parliamentarian Mr. Basim Sharif.  Ms. Hussein discussed the reports of the permanent committees in the CoR including the reports’ relevance, preparation, and impact as well as the lessons learned from previous reports from the committees’ archives. Former parliamentarians shared their previous experience and led the Q & A session. For example former MP, Ms. Amal Al-Qadi shared with the participants her experience working with the Integrity Committee in the previous parliament. She stressed the importance of archiving the reports so the work done by previous committees can be built on by the successors. Ms. Hussein stressed the importance of submitting requests in the name of Parliament committees as opposed at personal level. Committees’ requests will carry more weight, she said and can lead to better outcomes. MP Samira Al-Musawi drew a comparison between the U.S. Congress’ and the Iraqi Parliament’s work to stress the importance and the necessity to have advisers advise MPs on various issues. She urged her counterparts to get help in order to learn more about the various issues that they deal with especially when they are not experts in the field.

An important recommendation of the meeting was to make the committees’ yearly reports submissions a requisite. IWP Najiba Najib offered to put this into action by circulating a petition aimed at revising the Parliament by-laws to include a section to make the committees’ yearly reports submissions mandatory.

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