8th Peer Networking Meeting: January 18, 2012


On January 18, PEDP Incoming Iraqi Women Parliamentarians (IWPs) held their 8th Peer Networking Meeting at the Constitutional Hall in the Parliament Building. The meeting discussed the 2012 budget including revenues, expenditures and allocations, parliament committees’ demands, and the budget’s most important development related features. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Amira Al-Baldawi. Guest speakers included: Mr. Ubaid Mahal Freih, Deputy Secretary General for Finance and Administration in the Council of Ministers, and Economic expert, Ms. Salam Smaysem. Ms. Smaysem explained the concept of social welfare and the social welfare criteria followed by legislative bodies while analyzing the budget.

Selected photos:

IWPs – 8th Peer Network Meeting – January 18, 2012.



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