Application: 2011 Youth Civics Camp


IF is preparing for Youth Civics Camp 2011. IF is looking for 100 Iraqi students from accross Iraq’s 18 provinces to participate in the camps scheduled to run during the month of July 2011.


During the Youth Civics Camp, students will train on the ‘eDemocracy’ curriculum newly developed by the Iraq Foundation and Freedom House for use at the high school and undergraduate levels. Special modules in the curriculum will dealt with the Iraqi constitution, the Iraqi state, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens under the constitution.

Youth will learn valuable leadership skills and become familiar with primary characteristics of liberal democracies and how their civic duties play a central part in maintaining the country’s peace and freedom. The training will also address youth’s role in developing an ethos of reconciliation, community based conflict resolution and cross-sectarian cooperation. The students also will gain knowledge about civic action via the internet, including how to better use blogs, Twitter and Facebook, and how to get out their messages and widen their networks among other civic minded youth.

Announcing YCC-2011-Deadline to apply is June 1 2011

Application form-Arabic

Recommendation letter-Arabic

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