April – June 2013: Formation of Coalitions


IF and Partners NGOs have successfully formed one local coalition of men and women in each of the five provinces. Each coalition consists of 20 members (10 women leaders and 10 men leaders in the community) from different layers of the society. Every coalition has conducted two meetings and worked on adopting statements that call for the integration of women in reconciliation efforts and the implementation of programs for the advancement to the economic situation, and the application of laws responsive to gender, and strengthening the role of judicial bodies and developing recommendations regarding  policies and actions of the Iraqi government in the light of the recommendations of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325. Each coalition is working on issuing a statement in their province.

Selected Pictures

Baghdad coalition meeting 04/27/2013



Coalition 1st work group Meeting to develop recommendation to end violence against women



Basra coalition meeting 06/29/2013

Peace 08.JPG

Last Update: Monday, July 29, 2013

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