Basra IMG Holds Bike Ride to Promote Awareness


On May 12, 2011, the IMG of Basra province arranged a unique anti-corruption event. The event was a bicycle tour through the areas of Basra province.

The cyclists were wearing white t-shirts written on the back of them “fighting corruption together”. The event was coordinated with the authorities of the province; therefore, many policemen were deployed in the province to block the main streets and intersections in order to secure the route for the tour.

Police vehicles and motorcycles also accompanied the tour from start to finish. Hundreds of people stood on the sides of the streets cheering the cyclists and chanting against corruption. The tour was organized to send a strong message against corruption in the province and to encourage everyone to collaborate against it. At the finish point of the tour, many government officials, NGO activist, IMG members, IF staff and police officers were waiting for the cyclists to greet them. This event had a very positive reaction in the province, because it was the first of its kind.

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