Children Use Mdaina Center’s Computers: October 2009


IF is pleased to report that the educational programs in the IF established comuter center are attracting the children of Mdaina! IF has recently installed games and educational software to make the center draw in more youth and teach the value of technology in the daily lives of the children of Mdaina.

As these photos show, children are visiting the center after school to take advantage of this new feature as well as use the internet and other resources available.

In addition to this activity, IF and the Mdaina municipal council came up with other creative ways to set up revenue generation for the center:

a) Using the newly-installed satellite dish to rent internet connections to NGOs, companies and houses in Mdaina for a monthly fee.

b) Making the center available for Mdaina citizens to check emails and surf the internet for a nominal fee.

c) Using the Centers’ director’s newly acquired Microsoft Publisher skills to design and print flyers, business cards, and brochures for organizations and companies

d) Using the newly acquired professional grade all-in-one printer to generate revenues for the center

e) Using the center’s cafeteria to generate additional revenues (IF provided the center with a vending machine for that purpose).

The center has already started renting internet lines and is being visited by a growing number of citizens.

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