Code of Conduct Workshop with COI: December 24, 2009


As part of IF’s anti-corruption and transparency efforts, on Thursday December 24, 2009, IF held a Code of Conduct (COC )workshop in Baghdad in collaboration with the Iraqi Commission on Integrity (COI). Baghdad governor, the Baghdad governorate council members, senior officials, and general inspectors from Baghdad governorate council attended the workshop along with civil society organizations. Total attendance was 128. The training pertained to the Code of Conduct (COC), associated compliance laws, and their applications within the government institutions in Iraq. The training was delivered by trainers from the COI. Further workshops will follow on the Code of Conduct and other compliance laws as part of the Provincial Accountability and Governance (PAG) Project.

The participants showed a high level of engagement in the training. At the end of the training the following recommendations were given:

1) All governorate officials under the authority of Baghdad’s governorate council should abide to the COC of COI.

2) Baghdad governor in association with the COI and the Iraq Foundation, will structure a new strategy for fighting corruption within Baghdad’s governorate council.

3) Requiring the institutions of the Baghdad’s governorate council to evaluate its performance with the relevant authorities and ensure the participation of CSOs in the evaluation.

4) Hold training workshops for Baghdad’s governorate council officials on the COC under the supervision of COI and in cooperation with the Office of CSO’s office of COI, and Al-Mustansiria Universities.

5) Plan a strategy by Baghdad governorate council to design and implement a strategy to ensure and promote CSOs in fighting corruption.

6) Require all government departments to perform an exam for their new hire and promoted employees to ensure their awareness of COI’s COC.

7) IF will follow up on the implementation of the above recommendations.

IF will follow up with another training in Baghdad to cover the required training components in the project’s proposal.

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