Cycle 2 Launched in All Centers: July 2011


IF began the  project’s 2nd  training cycle in all 7 centers, which includes two centers in Baghdad province (Karkh and Risafa), two centers in Basra province (Abu Al Khaseeb and Al Madina), one center in Maysan province, one center in Dhi Qar province (Chibayish), and one center in Nainawa province (Ba’ashiqa). 2nd cycle started on all centers between the last week of May and first week of June, contracts & MOUs been signed with Trainers, MOH, partner NGOs and local centers.

Surveys been distributed and filled by the widows in each center and been sent to the expert for external evaluation. Physicians from the MOH started educating the widows on family and women health as well as preventive care according to MOH curriculum.

Educational and vocational training is being covered in all 7 locations.  40 widows participated in each center, for a total of 280 widows.  The educational training covered democracy education and women’s rights, life skills, and family health and wellbeing.  IF also delivered the vocational training that varied from center to the other according to the needs of the widows.  The vocational training included computer skills, hairdressing, and traditional sewing. 10 widows from each center were initially selected to participate in the vocational training, as per the project’s proposal.  However, each center was able to accommodate more widows with no cost for the additional widows.

In Baghdad and Basra training centers, IF directly supervised the training and the implementation of the project. IF staff and according to the needs, changed the training center location from Al Hwair Nahia to Al Madina Qada’a center due to the needs and the intensity of widows in the selected regions. In the other provinces, IF partnered with the following NGOs to deliver the training and the project’s activities, with the supervision and approval of IF:  Yazidi Solidarity Correlation in Ba’ashiqa, Mosul; Woman Organization (Al-Mara’a) in Amara, Maysan; and Nature Iraq in Chabayish, Dhi Qar.

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