Cycle 3 Update: January 2012


IF pleased to announce the successful completion of the third cycle of training in several centers as part Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive (EIWT) project during the month of January.  Training completed in both Baghdad training centers (Karkh  and Risafa) as well as in the Mdaina training center in Basra and Hamdania training center in Mosul.  IF will complete third cycle training in the remaining three centers in February.

During January, IF also conducted numerous meetings in order to enhance the employment prospects of widow participants as well as empower them politically and social as part of EIWT’s extensive mentoring program. On January 5, IF staff met with Relief & Economic Security Representative, and a field representative of the Red Cross in Baghdad in order to  assist participants apply for mini-grants.  These funds would enable the widows to establish small businesses and sustainable income.  IF and the Red Cross already cooperate in the implementation of this program in the southern region and would like to expand to Baghdad as well.

On January 22, IF met with the Director General of the Department of Labor & Vocational Training at the Ministry of Education in Baghdad to advocate for  loans aimed at Iraq’s widow population from a parliamentary fund.  In addition, IF took this opportunity to discuss cooperation with the Ministry to strengthen and support IF’s computer training programs, a popular vocational choice for widows in urban areas.

On January 22, IF staff also met with “Independent Iraqi Opinion” Organization & Newspaper in Baghdad to discuss securing transportation for widows.  The organization generously arranges for widows to buy cars, and provides payment plans that are manageable for widows.  Additionally, organization’s editor and chief agreed to lead a vocational mentoring session and has offered several employment opportunities to widows within the organization.  Currently several candidates are interviewing for positions!

Also for this month we have several other exciting sucess stories to report!

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