EFC: April – June 2013


During this reporting period, the Iraq Foundation (IF) completed all the Cascade trainings successfully in all the five provinces of A-Muthanna, Kut, Baghdad and Thi Qar and Al-Anbar. A total of 337 women candidates have been trained in the five provinces. A total of 16 women were successful in winning the election. The winning women expressing their appreciation to the training course provided by UN-Women through Iraq foundation since it helped them to organized their campaign and present themselves to the voters with more confidence and in a professional way. The 16 women already started their work as provincial council members and some of them kept contacting IF and the partner NGOs to provide them with information and materials to be effective members.

IF partner NGO in KRG coordinated with the Iraqi Higher Election Commission (IHEC) during April and May to invite all the candidates in KRG. IF implemented condense outreach campaign through radio stations, phone calls and direct invitation to the political parties candidate in KRG. Invitations has been sent to more than 450 candidates in the three provinces. The training in KRG started by the end of May continued throughout June 2013. A total of 302 candidates has been trained in the three KRG provinces distributed as 106 in Sulymania, 103 in Erbil and 75 in Dohuk.

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