EIWT Cycle 2-3 Update: October 2011


The Iraq Foundation (IF) successfully accomplished the 2nd training cycle and held graduation ceremonies to honor the widows’ achievements in both Baghdad-based training centers in early October. The third training cycle followed the graduation ceremonies in Baghdad as well as in the Ba’ashiqa, Mosul center and continued in the four other training locations in Basra, Maysan and Chabaysh.

View photos from the graduations

We are also pleased to report that five widows from the Basra province were awarded small grants to start their own businesses. To learn more and view photos of this success story, please click here.

During October, IF arranged a number of successful meeting to promote women’s rights and an understanding of the widows plight in Iraq with key stakeholders, including: Ms. Basima Abdul Ameer Al Sa’ady, Baghdad Provincial Council Member, who visited the Rusafa training center. Ms. Al Sa’ady updated the widows on the last legislations and laws that will bring benefits for them in specific. She informed the widows that the ministry of women has adopted a microloans project for women and the ministry of agriculture adopted a similar project for women in rural areas. Ms. Al Sa’ady also informed the widows of a proposal  submitted to the ministry of Labor and Social Affairs which would provide loans to the widows and unemployed women to start a business.

IF staff in Basra arranged a meeting with three widows and Ms. Shannon D. Quinn, Democracy Coordinator from the US Embassy in Baghdad. IF described the achievements and the challenges of EIWT as well as the progress and achievement of the EIWT participants as a result of the training.

Select Photos from Project Activities:

Vocational training Baghdad

Vocational training Baghdad

Vocational training Baghdad


Educational training-Basra

Educational training on Family Health and hygene

Educational training Maysan



Chabaysh Mentoring

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