EIWT Cycle 3 Update: December 2011


As part of our efforts to improve the lives of Iraqi widows, IF is pleased to report that 280 widows took part in the third training cycle from 7 training centers, located in five provinces throughout Iraq during the month of December as part of the Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive (EIWT) project.

During the training program, participants relieve vital education in life skills, health, conflict and family management, democracy, mentoring, and vocational training for select participants.  Upon completion, if hosts a graduation ceremony for the widows to celebrate their achievements.  Last month during November, IF held two graduations for participants from the second cycle in Basra. IF also conducted the graduation ceremony in Ba’ashiqa.  Both events were well attended by selected figures and well covered by the local media.

View photos from the all the graduations for Cycle 2 training October – November 2011…

As a result of one of these activities, IF is thrilled to announce seven success stories the month of December.  Learn more about the successes!

Select Photos from Project Activities:

Vocational training-Maysan

Vocational Training-Chabaysh

Vocational training-Baghdad

Vocational Training Baghdad1

Educational training-Chabaysh

Vocational Mentoring-Saif Majid-Tijara1

IF meeting with Mubarat Al Shakreen

IF attended social security reform

Health & Hygene-Basra

Health & Hygene training-Baghdad

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