EIWT Cycle 4 Update: June 2012


IF completed EIWT’s fourth cycle in Hamdania center, Mosul and Basra’s center (Qurna). IF started an extension in Baghdad’s two centers (Karkh & Risafa).

IF would like to share the success of EIWT widow Hasna Usman, an excellent seamstress who has coached other widows. After expressing her intention to start working as a civil activist, she gained the opportunity to work closely with the Ezidy Solidarity Correlation to improve the lives of children suffering from autism and other disabilities. She was also able to find a job with an International organization “Bridge” with a starting monthly salary of $500.

Selected Photos from Activities:

Educational training in Hamdania, Mosul

Health and Hygiene training in Hamdania, Mosul

Vocational training-hairdressing-Hamdania, Mosul

Vocational training-sewing-Hamdania, Mosul

EIWT Childcare

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