EIWT Cycle 4 Update: March 2012


IF launched EIWT’s fourth cycle in six centers: Baghdad’s two centers, (Karkh & Risafa), Basra’s two centers, (Zubair& Qurna),  Maysan’s center and Dhi Qar’s Fuhood center.

IF is pleased to announce that EIWT project staff succeeded in training almost double the predicted number of widows in vocational skills during the third cycle without exceeding the project’s approved budget. While IF planned to train 60 widows, staff and local partners succeeded in training 118 after receiving 58 additional requests from other widows to participate in the vocational training.  IF is also pleased to report that staff connected 23 widows with small grants and several other resources that provided them with the means to generate income and thus become economically self-sufficient. Widows used these grants to establish small businesses based out of their homes, which provided services for their community. They join 117 other widows from the previous EIWT cycles, who have benefited from EIWT’s vocational and entrepreneurial training.

EIWT mentoring continued throughout the training centers. Notably, IF and in collaboration with the partner organization, Women NGO in Maysan arranged mentoring sessions with Maysan Governor, Mr. Ali Dawai Lazm , the International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC) and Mr. Abdul Satar Al Shemary, Head of Al Boa’sa’a NGO.

Selected Photos from Activities:

EIWT’s fourth cycle – Vocational training in Risafa

Fatin Ibraheem, a successful EIWT graduate, served as the assistant trainer of the sewing vocational training in the fourth cycle in Baghdad

Educational training in Fuhood center, Dhi Qar

Mentoring session in Maysan center

Mentoring session in Maysan center- Visit of Abdul Satat Al Shemary- Head of Al Bo’assa’a NGO.

Food Manufacturing- Fourth cycle vocational training in Maysan center

IF staff visit to the partner NGO Nature Iraq to the Fuhood center in Dhi Qar

IF staff hold a mentoring session with EIWT widows in Fuhood center, Dhi Qar

Life skills component training in Maysan center

Educational training of the fourth cycle in Qurna center, Basra

Vocational Mentoring with ICRC in Basra

IF staff helping EIWT widows apply for the ICRC mini grants- Vocational mentoring

Vocational training in Maysan center

Health & Hygiene component of EIWT life skills training in Maysan

Educational training in Maysan center

Visit of Maysan Governor to EIWT widows

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