EIWT Cycle 4 Update: May 2012


IF completed EIWT’s fourth cycle in Baghdad’s two centers, (Karkh & Risafa) and Basra’s center (Zubair).

IF met with a number of local government officials and civic leaders to discuss possible options to help the widows find jobs and/or generate income opportunities. This includes Ms. Mahdia Abd Hasan, Member, Baghdad Provincial council, members of the Social Solidarity NGO on May 21 and Ms. Shatha Naji, head, Women for Peace NGO, on May 31.

On May 21, 2012, the graduation ceremony was conducted in the Fuhood District council. Among the attendees were Mr. Zaki Hussien Mahmoud, Chairman,  Fuhood district council, and Mr. Ahmed Kadhum, Member,  Fuhood district council. This ceremony was covered by Al Fayhaa satellite channel which conduct interviews with the NGO members, widows and the officials. They all expressed their gratefulness to IF for all the effort for the widows and encouraged IF to continue the great work in AL Qada.

IF’s staff in Basra held a mentoring sessions to EIWT widows on the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) mini grants. IF invited old ICRC grantees (EIWT widows) to talk about their experience in obtaining these mini-grants with IF support.

As a response to the widows’ request IF held vocational training on craftworks, a professional trainer delivered training on best seller products that the widow can start their own profession with. IF believe it’s another opportunity for the widows

Selected Photos from Activities:

Group mentoring- Zubair center, Basra

Computer skills training- Zubair center, Basra

Group session- Zubair Center, Basra

Educational Mentoring- successful EIWT widow Sundus Mohammed shared her positive experience with EIWT’ s fourth cycle widows

Vocational training- successful EIWT widow Emtithal Tahir provide training on craftworks Rusafa center, Baghdad

Vocational training- hairdressing – Rusafa center, Baghdad


Vocational training- computer skills – Rusafa center, Baghdad

Vocational training- Hairdressing – Karkh center, Baghdad

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