EIWT Successes: January 2012


With IF’s assistance, four widows from Shat Al Arab, Basra were awarded grants to start their own small businesses during January by an international organization. The grants enabled these women to purchase food stocks, small appliances and house hold items, such as pots and pans, to start small family owned grocery stores and home goods stores run out of their homes. These neighborhood shops supply neighborhoods with basic household good and small appliances such as kitchenware and other needs in addition to groceries.

In addition, six widows in Basra were able to receive their government benefits as a result of IF’s intervention and the cooperation of Provincial Council Members, who supported EIWT widows to overcome all obstacles! These benefits include a monthly living stipend, which help provide financial stability to the widow and their families .

We are also pleased to announce that several candidates are interviewing for jobs in Baghdad thanks to the cooperation and coordination of IF staff members and “Independent Iraqi Opinion,” a NGO and Newspaper organization based in Baghdad.

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