EIWT Update: April 2012


IF completed EIWT’s fourth cycle in Maysan’s center and Dhi Qar’s Fuhood center.

IF held a number of exciting meetings and events this month. On April 9, IF met with IRD cadre to discuss terms of collaboration in supporting women household in general and marginalized women in particular. On April 16, 2012, IF arranged and in coordination with women and childhood committee in Risafa district council for EIWT widows to participate in the “Orphans Day” activity to sell some of their products. The widows’ products received high attention from the attendees and our widows were able to sell all their goods.

IF staff invited several prominent community members to participate in EIWT educational mentoring. This includes Mr. Mohammed Nasih, Mayor of Qurna Qada’a, and Nabel Major, a local lawyer. Mr. Nasih encouraged to the widows to benefit from EIWT activities and promised to provide assistance to the widows in the Qada’a. Nabeel Major provided legal aid to the widows. Mr. Major was able to provide assistance to EIWT widows in obtaining their rights through the legal system.

As a result of the Family Hygiene and Wellbeing Program, IF facilitated the delivery of the Tetanus vaccine to all 40 widows in Al Qurna center, nearly half of whom did not have the vaccine previously.

Selected Photos from Activities:

“Tetanus vaccine day” Al Qurna center, Basra

IF visit to Maysan Vocational training- food production

IF visit to Maysan Educational training

IF staff visit to Women NGO in Maysan

Educational training in Fuhood center, Dhi Qar

Vocational training in Fuhood center, Dhi Qar

Educational Mentoring- Lawyer Nabeel Major provide legal aid for EIWT’s fourth cycle widows

Educational Mentoring- Qurna Mayor meeting with EIWT’s fourth cycle widows

Vocational Mentoring IF staff & ICRC representative Aseel Al Hashimi – EIWT Widows on ICRC mini grants

“Orphans day” activity EIWT widows were able to sell some of their products

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